As promised, the new Portugal. The Man video for “People Say.”

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  1. […] good friends at Aquarium Drunkard host the premiere of our new video “People Say”. Click to Watch.Big thanks to cast and crew:CREW Director/DP Michael Ragen Producer, Joy Saez Co Producer, Tristan […]

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  3. NO fucking way I have been waiting for this foreverrrrrr!

  4. […] September 27, 2010 tags: Portugal. The Man by Derek Last week, Aquarium Drunkard premiered the video for Portugal. The Man‘s song “People Say.” The song is actually from […]

  5. Seen you guys open up for primus in chicago bottom line you f-ing rock. I am in love, you guys left me awed. I will definatly pay to see you again and im definatly spreading the word about one of the greatest bands of this time. Keep up the good work. Please don’t sell out your sound for anything just be your selves its working.

  6. I wonder if Wesley actually gave John that tattoo

  7. It’s about time! It’s amazing guys, as always!

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