I loved the Dead. I also loved Fugazi and the Smiths with equal passion. Guess what? So does Ryan Adams.

His last two efforts were a mix of mope-rock and Oasis/Nirvana rip offs. Both thoroughly enjoyable. His new double album “Cold Roses” (the 1st of three scheduled albums for ’05) is a solid return to form. A seemingly effortless wash of pedal steel, Garcia notes, and southern gothic poetry.

Ignore the haters. Get past the drunken/drugged, brat behavior and check out the real “dylan” of our time. You can thank me later. Unless you are Cadien C, who just told me Ryan is “no DYLAN man.” Well nobody is really Dylan, but that’s another post in itself.

http://www.ryan-adams.com to stream the full album “Cold Roses” Technorati Profile

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