“Sad Songs Say So Much”

It’s true. I am a complete sucker for sad bastard music. If you too are afflicted with this condition you might enjoy these.

Songs For A Blue Guitar – Red House Painters
More or less a solo Mark Kozelek album in all but the name. The voice, the tone of the guitars, the whole album just vibes loss and sadness. Plus the song “Make Like Paper” oddly namechecks the street I grew up on.
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Pneumonia – Whiskeytown
Their finest moment was also their death rattle. May they all sound so bitter sweet. Front man Adams would go on reach a wider audience, but Pneumonia stands as his masterpiece.
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Dressed Up Like Nebraska – Josh Rouse
His debut. The album’s tempo is so downbeat and lethargic that at first few listens the songs are indistinguishable. And then the nuances begin to grab you and take hold. Which is how it is for any album worth it’s salt.
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I See A Darkness – Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Heavy. Southern gothic tales from Kentucky. I wish he’d write a novel.

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