New tunes added to the radio to the right. Rock on. More importantly, I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this BJM photo a pal emailed me.
selections: thad cockrell, television, yo la tengo, Ivy, talking heads, stephen malkmus, sonic youth, five-eight, whiskeytown, shins, travis, drive by truckers, morrissey, loretta lynn, nada surf, kathleen edwards, built to spill, daniel hutchens, bloodkin, iggy pop, galactic, evan dando, galazie 500, fugazi, the evens, spoon, flaming lips, strokes, brute, cat stevens, blur, pulp, the catherin wheel, the smiths, luna, silver jews, bmrc, wilco, brian jonestown massacre, ryan adams, my morning jacket, elliott smith, neutral milk hotel, silver jews, dandy warhols, badly drawn boy, gorillaz, the new pornographers, pj harvey, pavement, rem, simon & garfunkel, rolling stones, UNKLE, warren zevon, uncle tupelo, postal service
Feel free to email me with questions/comments about the origin of the tracklist, e.g. the source: album/outtakes/session material, etc. Enjoy.
*check out the “pop up” feature. let’s you listen once you navigate away from page.

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