Ryan Adams – The man people love to hate, at the ripe age of 30 has amassed a considerable body of work. Constantly re-inventing himself, and his game, despite gibes from critics and fans alike. Some genres he’s dabbled in (in one form or another): Country, Confessional Folk-Rock, Punk, Mope-Rock, alt.country, New Wave, Jam-Bandesque improv, Stonesy-Roots-Rock, Bluegrass, Indie Rock, Death Metal, etc. etc. I personally have loved most of these incarnations save a few one-offs. In light of his upcoming release — the 2nd of the three albums being released in 2005 — here is a brief taste of the many faces of Ryan Adams off his, and Whiskeytown’s, official releases.

MP3: Whiskeytown – Midway Park (Faithless Street album)
MP3: Whiskeytown – Too Drunk To Dream (Faithless Street album)
MP3: Whiskeytown – Houses on the Hill (Strangers Almanac album)
MP3: Whiskeytown – Losering (Strangers Almanac album)
MP3: Whiskeytown – Bar Lights (Pneumonia album)
MP3: Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up (Heartbreaker album)
MP3: Ryan Adams – Oh My Sweet Carolina (Heartbreaker album)

Stay tuned for part II

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