What Would Lyle Listen To?
Lyle Lovett is one of my favorite songwriters, singers, and showmen. That’s a pretty tall order to capture all three in one man.
Check out who Lyle lists among his five favorite songs.
Rickie Lee Jones, “Company”: “The melody, the words … it has that same lamenting quality as Guy Clark’s “Let Him Roll.” The way they express the feeling of loss is really appealing.”
Randy Newman, “Good Ole Boys”: “On the songs he wrote having to do with the South, I like the way he points out legitimate social issues in a way that helps you to think about it without pushing you away from it. If you’re from the South, it allows you to think about it seriously and smile at the same time.”
Van Morrison, “Moondance”: “What a great example of a style that’s unlike anything else! He has one of those singular voices that just makes any song he sings sound like a Van Morrison song. His vocal style is so strong that it turns anything he does into something he owns.”
Townes Van Zandt, anything: “Throw a dart at any Townes Van Zandt song. This word is overused to describe songwriting, but Townes was a poet, a plainspoken poet.”
Tom Waits, “Heart Attack and Vine”: “That kind of blues, I could listen to over and over and over.”

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