Ha. I have heard some great stuff online while perusing various mp3 blogs. Some of it I would have gotten around to hearing eventually, some of it not. Consider the below tracks a tribute (Vol. One) to the medium of the mp3 music blog. Each tune below I originally heard and was turned onto via the blog (read:music geek) community. We all say thank ya.
Jose Gonzalez – Stay In The Shade
MP3: Matt Marque – Blowback
MP3: Pet Politics – In My Head
MP3: Pet Politics – The ghost Mary and her friends
MP3: John Vanderslice – Exodus Damage
MP3: John Vanderslice – Trance Manual
MP3: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Maybe I’ll Hide With You
MP3: Proton Proton – Lock Picker
– – – – – – – – –
*For more MP3s visit these artists Web sites as most have at least three tunes to DL…

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