A few years ago Josh Rouse sold a limited release EP containing six exceptional downbeat/mellow songs. The EP, Bedroom Classics Vol I, has now long been out of print, with no plans of a re-release any time soon. It’s come to my attention that sellers on eBay are charging super-inflated prices for “burned” copies of the disc. That’s shit. Therefore, I am linking each track of the EP below so those interested can create their own copy. These will be up for a very limited time. **If you are affiliated with Josh, his management, etc. and would like these tracks to come down, please email me at the contact information to the right for immediate removal.
MP3: Josh Rouse – Miserable South (Bedroom Classics Vol I)
MP3: Josh Rouse – A Night In (Bedroom Classics Vol I)
MP3: Josh Rouse – A Song To Help You Sleep (Bedroom Classics Vol I)
MP3: Josh Rouse – Sad Eyes (Bedroom Classics Vol I)
MP3: Josh Rouse- Sunshine (Bedroom Classics Vol I)
MP3: Josh Rouse – Michigan (Bedroom Classics Vol I)

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