I posted about Thad back in June and referred to him as “a phenomenal north carolina singer/songwriter working the twang….hate to make comparisons, but imagine the quieter moments of a young whiskeytown-era ryan adams sans hubris.” Still fairly apt, but having spent several months digesting his catalog (and seeing his and Caitlin Cary’s duets tour this past October) I want to plug him again in hopes of attracting some new folks. Give Thad a listen if you dig on Southern, country-tinged, singer-songwriters.

MP3: Thad Cockrell – Warmth & Beauty
MP3: Thad Cockrell/Caitlin Cary – Two Different Things
MP3: Thad Cockrell Running Kind
MP3: Thad CockrellHere Without You
MP3: Thad CockrellGirl From Maryville

Amazon: Thad Cockrell – Warmth & Beauty
Amazon: Thad/Caitlin Cary – Begonias

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