I love year-end lists. Music, movies…it doesn’t matter really, just a 12 month summation of events is somehow comforting. One of the great benefits of these compilations is you often get exposed to something for a second time you might have missed, or paid little attention to, the first time. Through various year-end and best of lists the past few weeks, I have seen countless praise heaped upon The Decemberists album Picaresque. While I was aware of both the band and the album, I gave little thought to either. Until some of the folks whose tastes fall in line with my own started to place it close to their number one album of the year. I still have yet to hear Picaresque in it’s entirety, but intend to pick it up. In the meantime Clever Titles was good enough to introduce me to Colin Meloy’s ep of Morrissey covers. Being that I am an avid Smiths/Moz nerd, this hasn’t left my ears the past two days. Here are a couple of the covers.
MP3: Colin Meloy – Jack The Ripper
MP3: Colin Meloy – Pregnant For The Last Time

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