Aquarium Drunkard is a finalist in liveDaily’s reader/editor poll in the Best Music Weblog category. Go check it out…cast your vote for ole Satisfied ’75 if you fancy. Grand prize: 20 Gig Samsung MP3 player.
Heads up. I did the hump-day picks over at Jax’s Rock Insider today. I picked five, she picked five – L.A. blogging goodness. Also…check out the Camera As A Pen’s Mike Jones interview over at Muzzle of Bees. The folks at Funtime OK take another look at A Ghost Is Born. Tired Starlings is a fairly new blog based in the dirty, dirty South. Did you read So Much Silence’s list of his favorite albums of 2005? And if you didn’t see it last week, the guys at Audio For Drinking have been posting their 2005 favorite’s. Check them out.

If you read the interview with Yer Bird Record’s Morgan King earlier this week, Gorilla vs Bear has some of Nic Garcia’s earlier work up for download to ready you for his 2006 release. MOKB is hosting an interesting John Lennon cover by the Postal Service.


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