Hope everyone had a great holiday season — I know I have. Just got back to L.A. yesterday after a nice long break seeing friends and family. Started things off in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for our friend’s wedding and spent a week touring the dirty South. Great to see some of my old haunts and catch up with folks I rarely see. It’s raining here in Los Angeles, but that will by no means put a damper on the Drunkard’s New Year’s Eve festivities tonight.
Also, how did you folks make out on that iPod deal I mentioned last November? I got an email yesterday saying I am one person away from receiving one. 4 out of 5 folks “completed an offer” so if yer on the fence, by all means, feel free to hook a brother up.
Regular posts begin tomorrow. Have fun tonight ringing in 2006.
Free iPod deal via Free Pay

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