Upon it’s release, music critic Jerry McCulley described Jesse Malin’s debut as “heartfelt country-by-way-of-Delancey-Street.” Sounds apt to me. For those of you who didn’t pick up The Fine Art of Self Destruction a few years ago, check out these three version’s of Malin’s “Brooklyn” below. The first two can both be found on the album, (with the “rock version” bookending the set) and the third is a country inflected cover by Ryan Adams who produced Malin’s debut. All very much worth your time.

-Jesse Malin-
MP3: Jesse Malin – Brooklyn (original)
MP3: Jesse Malin – Brooklyn (rock version)

-Ryan Adams & The Cardinals-
MP3: Ryan Adams – Brooklyn (live cover)
Amazon: Jesse Malin – The Fine Art of Self Destruction

P.S. — Buddyhead has posted their Best & Worst of 2005 list
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