Thanks to Clever Titles for getting me a copy of this recent tour-only EP. Keeping with the theme of last year’s Morrissey covers EP, Meloy tackles the Shirley Collins cannon for this years cover fodder. All of these tracks have been floating around various sites the past two weeks, so if you missed any of the set, it’s posted below in it’s entitety.
Download from NPR: Solo Acoustic Concert from Colin Meloy & Laura Veirs recorded live at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Va.
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Dance To Your Daddy
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Charlie
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Barbara Allen
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Cherry Tree Carol
MP3: Colin Meloy :: Turpin Hero
MP3: Colin Meloy :: I Drew My Ship
UPDATE: There are some copies of the tour EP that are now for sale in the shop on the Decemberists web site…100 of them are signed copies.

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