So Much Silence has a recap of last night’s Band of Horses show in Phoenix. I am heading out to see them tonight here in Los Angeles so it was a nice little primer. Their Sub Pop album Everything All The Time sounds to these ears like a stirred mix of Built To Spill, My Morning Jacket, and The Shins. With those kind of comparisons I have high hopes of a great Live show. We’ll see. Below is the first track off their album, plus four demos off the band’s website.

+Everything All The Time+
M4A: Band of Horses :: The First Song
MP3: Band of Horses :: Wicked Gil
MP3: Band of Horses :: I Lost My Dingle On The Red Line
MP3: Band f Horses :: Funeral
MP3: Band of Horses :: Bass Song
Amazon: Band of Horses – Everything All The Time
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