I have my man Kevin solely to thank for turning me on to Jonah Matranga earlier in the week. Matranga’s upcoming Split 12″ with Frank Turner features a cover of Billy Bragg’s “New England” from his first solo release, the 1983 EP Life’s a Riot. It blew me away — I have probably played Bragg’s original 10 times in the last few days comparing the two. Taking a completely different approach, Matranga adds a naivete and acoustic sweetness to the track in sharp contract to the abrasive punky energy Bragg originally envisioned. Both are fantastic.

MP3: Jonah Matranga :: New England (cover)
MP3: Billy Bragg :: New England
You can purchase the vinyl 12″ Split @ Welcome Home Records.
+ Billy Bragg available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.

ALSO: Go visit Gorilla vs. Bear and check out this GvB exclusive re-mix of Ratatat’s “Wildcat.” This album and three cups of potent coffee is what has been getting me up in the morning lately.

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  1. I’ve just done an interview of Turner ahead of his second record. Check it out if you’re interested. Looking forward to his follow-up, his first was one of the best out of Blighty last year.

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