What happens when a prolific mechanic/singer/songwriter from Winder, GA creates a comic book in which Peter Buck is a superhero? A record deal naturally! Back in the early ’90s this really did happen after Buck told Twin/Tone Records co-founder Peter Jesperson about Jack Logan and his volumes of unreleased work. After hearing Logan’s craft, Jesperson was immediately smitten and pared the bulk of material down to 42 songs released on the two disc album Bulk. Check out this lo-fi southern gothic mini-masterpiece.

Sidenote: I bought this album in 1995, tried to like it for a week , and immediately sold it back only to re-purchase and give it a second try ten years later. I love it when that happens.

MP3: Jack Logan :: Shrunken Head
MP3: Jack Logan :: Fuck Everything
MP3: Jack Logan :: Voodoo Doll
Amazon: Jack Logan – Bulk
+ Jack Logan available through eMusic’s 25 Free MP3 offer.


The Walkmen cover obscure Harry Nilsson on upcoming LP
In some of the most exciting news regarding tribute albums I have heard in a long while, The Walkmen have recorded a track-by-track album covering the 1974 John Lennon produced Harry Nilsson album Pussy Cats. The teaser, released this week to the public, is a cover of the album’s lead off track “Many Rivers To Cross,” itself a Jimmy Cliff cover. Here The Walkmen nail it Nilsson style, and have me eagerly anticipating this Fall release. Listen to both covers below for a taste.

MP3: The Walkmen :: Many Rivers To Cross
MP3: Harry Nilsson :: Many Rivers To Cross (Nilsson)

Amazon: Harry Nilsson – Pussy Cats
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Walkmen MP3s.

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