“One morning, I had my clock set for 4 am, and I woke up to this amazing sound coming from the clock radio. It was Stephen Stills’ ‘Tree Top Flyer.” I just sat up in bed and listened. Something about that song just hit me…I went to record stores and sought that album out. I listened to it, and I was transformed. That morning really changed everything—my whole life. ” – Ray LaMontagne on how he got into music

I was fortunate enough to have a copy of LaMontagne’s debut album Trouble about a year before it found a home on a label. Recorded by Ethan Johns, my friends and I wondered if this delicious backwoods Van Morrison nugget would find a market interested in his delicate, acoustic tunes. Well, it’s now 2006, and as you know, he sure did.
Till The Sun Turns Black finds LaMontagne again back in the capable hands of producer Ethan Johns expanding his sound from bare-boned acoustics to a more fleshed out production while sacrificing none of the debut’s warmth and immediacy. Building on the introspective lyrics and feel of Trouble, Till The Sun Turns Black adds new texture and atmosphere opening up the album to a broader range of styles to accommodate LaMontagne’s pallet. The songs within the album weave and interact as if in conversation with one another.
++ New album is out on the 29th — LaMontagne is presently on tour. Click here for dates/details.
MP3: Ray LaMontagne :: Three More Days
MP3: Ray LaMontagne :: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
Amazon: Ray LaMontagne – Till The Sun Turns Black (august 29 release date)
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