Since the demise of The Police in 1984, Sting’s output has been rather, er, tame — I almost used “lackluster/boring”, but that is not quite right. It is, though, the the reason the “Adult Contemporary” category was created. As a whole it’s admittedly, for the most part, pleasant, but nothing to really sink your teeth into. Perhaps background music at The Pottery Barn would be an effective way to describe it to the unfamiliar.

The Police on the other hand were an entirely different animal and Stewart Copeland’s documentary Everyone Stares does a fine job demonstrating that point to the uninitiated. This was a band, a real band — at least for a few albums, before Sting took the lions share of songwriting and arrangement duties. But even then they were great. Stewart Copeland has long been, and remains, my favorite drummer. Andy worked some chords that seemed near impossible, and Sting, well, Sting was a truly charismatic songwriter and front man.

The film is compiled of old Super 8mm footage the drummer shot from beginning of the band’s professional touring career through their last days together following the Synchronicity tour. Stark, rough, and light hearted – with candid narration from Copeland himself – it’s the loose insider view of a band every fan appreciates. If the DVD does anything, it reminds people of the creative force The Police were and the legacy their body of work leaves behind. Also, if not more important, it’s a fine Police primer for the generation of music fans 10 years younger than myself that have, unfortunately, only known Sting’s solo career as the measure of his talent.

++ Below mp3 and video of my favorite Police song off my favorite Police record, Zenyatta Mondatta.

MP3: The Police :: Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Video: The Police :: Don’t Stand So Close To Me
Amazon: Everyone Stares – The Police Inside Out

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