When it comes to my turntable and vinyl collection — with all this 21st century technology at hand — I can be a little lazy, leaving an album on for a month at a time (or more) without changing it up. But, this also means that whatever record is on the table then becomes the de facto go-to soundtrack in my home. Meaning that next to listening to music on my computer, whatever vinyl record that happens to be on the turntable gets a hell of a lot of play.
Right now that record happens to be the incomparable Bill Withers 1972 Live At Carnegie Hall double LP. I now own this bad mother fucker on cassette, CD, and vinyl — the cassette and vinyl were inherited from my dad’s collection, and even then I had to get it on CD as well. It’s just that good.
No one is making music music like this anymore. No one. And, by the way, if you are reading this and only hip to Withers’ music through that commercial that used “Lovely Day,” or the ad nauseam use of “Lean On Me” stop reading now, and sample an MP3 below. This album far from the fabricated sterile soul that would come to dominate the airwaves in the coming years — in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Check out these vinyl rips complete with snap, crackle & pops, below.
MP3: Bill Withers :: I Can’t Write Left Handed
MP3: Bill Withers :: Use Me
Amazon: Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall
+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Bill Withers MP3s.

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