A decade into her career, Chan Marshall’s alter-ego, Cat Power has amassed a level of mystery, speculation and gossip befitting an indie-sized Madonna. Publicly long portrayed as a shy and somewhat neurotic chanteuse, Cat Power has at times both rejected and embraced the praise and adulation of her fans and critics alike. Uncomfortable with the late-’90s “it girl” status bestowed upon her, Marshall’s albums became sporadic and her performances uneven and unpredictable–until now.

With the release of 2006’s “The Greatest,” it seems the tide has turned for the artist, who is making her most mature and accessible work to date while garnering praise from both her existing fan base as well as mainstream media. This year also marked her return to the stage, this time flanked by the super-tight and professional Memphis Rhythm Band, which also backed her on the recording of “The Greatest.”

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Cat Power :: The Greatest
Video: Cross Bones Style
Cat Power – The Greatest ++www.catpowerthegreatest.com

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