ryan-adams-1997.gifDigging deep in the vaults today, kids. This 1998 show from the Mercury Lounge has been gathering dust for years as I thought the cdr was lost in a move some time ago; lucky for us both that isn’t the case.

Note the date — this is an interesting show for a number of reasons. Billed as a solo Ryan Adams gig more than a year before the official demise of Whiskeytown, the setlist is primarily made up of Whiskeytown tunes (some unreleased) plus a few Adams solo numbers that would gain prominence in the years to come.

Unlike the folkie solo persona Ryan would come to comfortably inhabit by 2000, here he is backed by a band made up of Mike Daly (guitar), Keith Christopher (bass), and Steve Terry (drums); two of whom were his bandmates in various Whiskeytown incarnations. The vibe of the night is loose, playful, and a relaxed young Adams delivers a great set. It’s particularly interesting how straightforward the arangements are compared to the, as of then, soon to be recorded Pneumonia album; which would both prove to be Whiskeytown’s swan song and Ryan Adams’ genre defying coming out party.

More information can be found via Answering Bell here…

Ryan Adams :: Sitting Around
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Standing Right There
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Folklore
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Houses For Sale
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Oh Sally
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Tilt-A-Whirl
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Involuntary Tears
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Clear My Head
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Jacksonville Skyline
MP3: Ryan Adams :: I Still Miss Someone
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Dancing With The Women At The Bar
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Further Down The Road
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Someone’s Sleeping
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Boon Town
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8 Responses to “Ryan Adams :: Mercury Lounge 8.8.98”

  1. I’m pretty sure I love you a little bit.

  2. I’m VERY sure I love you A LOT! What a great show. As usual, many thanks for all you do.

  3. Like the new look a lot, and thanks for the vintage Ryan.

  4. ditto the love……

  5. yay! finally downloading…. SO so excited!!!

  6. b/c I tend to be reatrded…this is my first successful download of a live show. It must be the most exciting thing that has happened to me all week!
    I love you more than words can say!
    Thanks and cheers!

  7. Any chance of reposting this! I’m desperate to hear it. Joe x

  8. same here, joe, desperate to hear it! 🙁

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