baron-von-bullshit-rides-again.jpgSoon after returning to Los Angeles last August from a couple of months traveling, I was waiting in line at the bank when I was approached by someone inquiring if I was from Canada. Nope. Turned out he worked for the (little known) band whose t-shirt I was wearing. He also works with Modest Mouse and after getting my contact info he kindly sent me a little package including this live document, Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again, from the band’s 2004 tour. So if you’re reading, thanks holmes.

I actually didn’t get around to checking this out until about month ago, and only then after revisiting the Ugly Cassanova album which in turn whetted my appetite for more Brock tunes. Glad I did though as it’s a nice ten track live comp recorded February 14 & 15, 2004. Here are few Baron Von Bullshit tracks to help tide you over while waiting for We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank to be released March 13th.

Modest Mouse :: Doin’ The Cockroach (live)
MP3: Modest Mouse :: The Good Times Are Killing Me (live)
MP3: Modest Mouse :: I Came As A Rat (live)
Amazon: Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me ++

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5 Responses to “Modest Mouse :: Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again”

  1. what band’s t-shirt were you wearing?

  2. t-shirt was lions in the street

  3. There’s an awesome version of “Broke” on BVBSRA.

    Loving the new design, by the by…

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  5. […] I love Modest Mouse. Listen to them on MySpace or to four live songs here. I hope they play a mix that represents their entire back catalog. The ever-helpful Hype Machine directs us to the location of songs such as Jesus Christ Was An Only Child, Float On, Parting of the Sensory, Bukowski, 3rd Planet, Dramamine, Worms vs. Birds, I Came As A Rat, and Summer. Each of these songs comes from a different MM disc (buy them!), and here’s a bonus b-side King Rat (right-hand column). As Isaac says in Summer, “Dance d-d-dance d-dance and go crazy!” Or, if brooding is more your speed, there’s plenty of that, too. […]

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