orton.jpgAnother testament to the great A.D. readers out there, John, from Australia, recently sent me this M. Ward/Beth Orton show of excellent sound quality. Recorded in 2004 at Sydney’s Seymour Centre, the submission was in response to the Neko Case cover of “Buckets of Rain” posted here. Note the M. Ward/Beth Orton “Buckets of Rain” duet below; as usual Ward’s acoustic playing throughout the set is fantastic.

John’s show notes: “Attached are 9 tracks from the show from Beth Orton supported by M Ward. She played only with percussion on that tour, and the venue for this show was the intimate Seymour Centre in Sydney. I was at the show, but the recording was done by JJJ here in Australia – I actually taped this off the radio onto a tape – then turned it into a CD. They do a great version of “Comfort of Strangers” together – much preferred to the eventual album version of last year.”

MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Helicopter
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Sad, Sad, Song
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Buckets of Rain
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Stolen Car
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Feel To Believe
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Carmella
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Comfort of Strangers
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: Concrete Sky
MP3: M. Ward/Bet Orton :: She Cries Your Name
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  2. Is there anyway you can repost this show or send me the mp3?

    I missed this one. I heart Beth Orton and M.Ward.



  3. great post !

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