rock-plaza-central.jpgOntario’s Rock Plaza Central have been getting a fair amount of buzz of late surrounding their Yep Roc released LP Are We Not Horses. And rightly so. Despite their name, which I’m admittedly not a fan of, the album is comprised of the kind of ramshackle, kitchen sink, folky pop that is both deceptively attractive and lasting, i.e. you can picture yourself throwing this off-kilter mess on a few years from now.

As others have similarly noted, a major touchstone for the group’s music is that of Jeff Mangum and Neutral Milk Hotel. High praise, yes, but such comparisons also come with their own set of baggage, for Neutral Milk Hotel‘s legacy has grown into near mythical proprotions the past 10+ years. Thankfully, Rock Plaza Hotel do not so much ape the sound as merely wink at it.

Elsewhere: Go visit mister Dodge and pick up Rock Plaza Central’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback.” Ridiculous & awesome.

Rock Plaza Central :: I Am An Excellent Steel Horse
MP3: Rock Plaza Central :: How Shall I To Heaven Aspire?
Amazon: Rock Plaza Central – Are We Not Horses ++ ++ yep roc records

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