Ryan Adam’s ninth solo joint, Easy Tiger, hits the retail shelves June 26th — expect a review, here on the Drunkard, a few weeks prior to the release date.

Earlier today a friend inquired as to the origins of the track, “What Sin Replaces Love,” Adams and The Cardinals played on Henry Rollins IFC show a couple of weeks ago.

The tune actually has a long pedigree in the Adams canon, first popping up as an acoustic folk number back in 2000, while Adams was playing intimate solo shows, before and after the recording of Heartbreaker. Over the ensuing years the track has since morphed into an electric, blues-heavy jam vehicle, as seen on the Rollins Show, and has become a staple in Adams’ live show.

Here is the original, acoustic, rendition followed up by the blues-heavy jam it would morph into years later (the demo included as a Jacksonville City Nights bonus track). UPDATE: A dutiful reader just submitted a studio version of “What Sin” in all it’s acoustic glory performed with the band, so have at it.

Elsewhere: Listen to the track “Two” on Adam’s MySpace page off the upcoming Easy Tiger LP

Ryan Adams :: What Sin Replaces Love (solo acoustic)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: What Sin Replaces Love (electric w/ band)
MP4: Ryan Adams :: What Sin Replaces Love (band acoustic, sendspace link)

Video: Ryan Adams :: What Sin (Henry Rollins Show)
Pre-order: Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger

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13 Responses to “Ryan Adams :: Origins of What Sin Replaces Love”

  1. Oh, I’ve bookmarked this for when I get home – what a fascinating post!

    I’m really not a fan of that clogged, swollen version of “What Sin” that seems to crop up in every Ryan set, so hearing its original incarnation should be interesting. I’ll let you know my thoughts.

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  3. Great stuff. So much great Ryan Adams material is being posted lately, all over the web.

    Inspired by the Drunkard and other quality music blogs, I decided to set one up of my own. I threw two Ryan Adams tracks up – a live version of ‘Two’ and a new track, ‘Halloween Head,’ that I haven’t seen posted anywhere online yet.

    Check ’em out if you’re interested. I’ll leave ‘Halloween Head’ up for a few days or until I’m prompted to remove it.

  4. I do so love you.

  5. Am I the only one that can’t seem to find the article referenced? I go to his blog, but there’s only a piece about authenticity, not about the song.

  6. Nice post, J.

  7. Why not post the acoustic band version that was going to appear on JCN it is the best version.

  8. Hopper, the conversation I had with Drunkard was an email exchange, so it wasn’t hashed out in my blog anywhere.

    And thanks, Heather. 🙂

  9. Ah…that explains it. Thanks for clarifying. I thought I’d beome internet deficient…

  10. […] Look, I’m an admitted geek for all things Adams/Whiskytown related, so….With Easy Tiger (Adams ninth solo album) on the horizon, it’s a fine opportunity to post some rarities that have long been available via trading circles and the internets, yet unreleased commercially. You can still check out the “Exile On Franklin Street” tracks here, and the “What Sin Replaces Love” feature, here. […]

  11. can’t seem to get any links to work 🙁 any help out there?? – cheers

  12. […] A bit more about the song […]

  13. Here’s a rollicking bluesy version from June 2000 – Electric – with Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch:


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