Angel From Montgomery :: Revisited (Into The Wild)


I am by no means a fan of Pearl Jam, so the Eddie Vedder scored soundtrack, for Sean Penn’s (excellent) new film, Into The Wild, did nothing for me. But I did love the use of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery,” performed in the film by actors Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart, as a duet; an homage to John Prine’s and Bonnie Raitt’s quintessential rendition of the song.

As a side note, I distinctly remember listening to this version of the track, five or so times in a row, New Year’s Eve 2001, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I had heard the tune many times before, but it was then I realized it for what it was, a neo-americana classic. Essential.


MP3: John Prine/Bonnie Raitt :: Angel From Montgomery (live)
Amazon: A Tribute To Steve Goodman – Various Artists

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19 thoughts on “Angel From Montgomery :: Revisited (Into The Wild)

  1. AD,

    funny you mention J-Hole. I’ve been living here for a few months exploring the Tetons and last Saturday night around 4am, while sitting on a backporch with a bottle of whiskey and two friends, one of them, a lovely female singer sang ‘angel from montgomery’ about 5 times in a row, and all anyone could do was smile and drink more whisky. cheers.

  2. As a fan of your site I feel compelled to mention that you supplied a lot of the music I was listening to when scouting locations for this film. (I handled (Alaska and South Dakota) I also had a bit part as the announcer in Slab City, when the movie version of Angel from Montgomery was filmed- the scene was quite a bit longer and included the complete song with a full band that came in midway, but when getting the 1st cut down to 2 and a half hours something had to go.

    Thanks for your wonderful work.

    John Jabaley
    Location Manager/Actor
    “Into the Wild”

  3. Hi Guys. I really liked this book so I had high hopes for the film. Alas, the film didn’t really do anything for me until near the end when Tracy & Hal Holbrook show up. I’m no P-Jam fan either but I admit that Eddie’s got a killer voice and ‘Hard Sun’ is pretty good [interesting that he didn’t write it … Satisfied ’75, good work]. But anyway, I loved [!!!] the version of ‘Angel’ It’s hard to top Bonnie’s version, but Kristen’s vocal and the her simple rendition hit the mark & then some!!! If anyone knows how to get it, plz Lemme know – Rock & Climb, On ! Thank, Yours, Dela

  4. I would love to get my hands on the full version of this song !! Anyone please help, it could spare me a divorce !


  5. I am pretty sure I heard 2 different voices going on there, no offense intended to Ms. Stewart. And say what you will, there’s only one “ghost” voice I have ever heard do exactly this kind of justice to the song. That’s all you’re gettin’ out’a me.

  6. Still if anyone knows how to get the full version of Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart performing this song I would be forever grateful. It’s been stuck in my head for a week! She certainly took her style from Bonnie but she adds a certain simplicity and innocent beauty to the delivery. Of course it could be the film effecting my ears too! Thanks to anyone that can help find this song.


  7. can anyone please tell me what´s the name of the song that kristen stewart sings alone after she sais “hi, my name is tracy”… I can´t find it anywhere! thank you very much !

  8. the link provided in the original post isn’t working anymore. is it possible to make it available again or does anyone know where i can find it? it would be much appreciated

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