Ryan Adams (or in this case, one D.R. Adams) has unleashed a barrage of, ostensibly, home-recorded, Youtube vids. Comprised of varying levels of content and quality? Yes. Worth your time? Absolutely. And if you are local, Adams is playing a series of dates here in southern California later this month (we’re hitting the first of the LA dates). 1/22 Bridges Auditorium, Claremont ++ 1/30 at UCLA Royce Hall – SOLD OUT ++ 1/31 at UCLA Royce Hall.

Video: Ryan Adams :: Like Yesterday
Video: Ryan Adams :: Satanic Witches Arise
Video: Ryan Adams :: Everybody Knows
Video: Ryan Adams :: Black Horses OF Death
Video: Ryan Adams :: New Album Advertisement As Fiction Movie

www.ryan-adams.com ++ www.answeringbell.com ++ myspace.com/ryanadams

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6 Responses to “Ryan Adams :: At Home In NYC (Videos)”

  1. […] Via Aquarium Drunkard […]

  2. awesome.

    for all you youtubers, i went ahead and created a playlist to make it a bit easier.


  3. Is there no end to this guys talent?

  4. its about time we heard from him. how long will he make us wait for the next Sad Dracula album to drop? I heard it is going to be called Lie in me Cough Inn

  5. Maybe this was mentioned somewhere else, but if you click on Ryan’s profile in youtube (HORION74) you’ll see that he has posted 17 videos.

  6. Hey, Indie Mom and I will be at the Claremont concert too. See ya Tuesday!

    Speed of Dark

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