We have two pairs of tickets to give away for Spaceland’s upcoming 13th anniversary show, this Sunday, March 2nd. Lots of local favorites on the bill. To win a pair, leave your first and last name – and email address – in the comments. ++

15 Responses to “Spaceland :: 13th Anniversary Party (Tickets)”

  1. marc marrie

  2. Joe Lia

  3. Mike Dobbs

  4. graig gilkeson at yahoo dot com

  5. One of the best club’s in L.A. Hope it hangs around for another 13 years.

    Matt Block

  6. good place….last american buffalo…good band….good guys…


  8. Kevin Williams

  9. beantoad at maildotcom

  10. I’ll go naked

  11. malcolm sosa

  12. Ben McShane

  13. Robert Haydon

  14. Oh yeah.. and YAY THE MOVIES!!!!!!

  15. See you Sunday, short-haired bartendress!

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