As we mentioned earlier, M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him collaboration (live, earlier this evening at the Great American Music Hall) was our most anticipated show, this weekend, while in town for Noise Pop. The pair’s set was fantastico and did not disappoint. Look for their upcoming LP on the Merge label, March 18th, as well as selected live dates (SXSW).

MP3: She & Him :: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Pre-order: She & Him – Volume One ++ ++

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2 Responses to “Noise Pop ’08 :: She & Him”

  1. What’d you think of the overall Noise Pop lineup this year? After two really strong years, I was
    pretty disappointed
    . I’m afraid APE is spreading themselves too thin now that they’ve added the Treasure Island festival.

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