The Avett Brothers :: Tickets, House of Blues


If you’re south of us, and count yourself as an Avett Brothers fan, we have three pairs of tickets to give away to AD readers for the April 1st, House o Blues, Anaheim, show. Leave a comment below with your favorite Avett’s album. your name and a valid email address. ++

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3 thoughts on “The Avett Brothers :: Tickets, House of Blues

  1. i love the Avetts! i used to play in a band called the Memphis Quick 50 from Charlotte, NC with good ole Bob Crawford. Now thats a band that the drunkard and anybody else should look into. underrated and burned out before we faded away. Good old barroom rock. check out the website and let me know if you want a CD. I’ll send it right over.

  2. My friend turned me on to these guys recently and I love “Mignonette” a slight but ahead of their latest release but admittedly I need to go back and listen to older albums.

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