MP3: She & Him :: Intro
MP3: She & Him :: Black Hole
MP3: She & Him :: I Was Made For You
MP3: She & Him :: Change Is Hard
MP3: She & Him :: Sentimental Heart
MP3: She & Him :: Stage Banter
MP3: She & Him :: You Really Got A Hold On Me
MP3: She & Him :: Take It Back
MP3: She & Him :: The Garden Rose (with Becky Sharp)
MP3: She & Him :: Lingering Still
MP3: She & Him :: Got Me
MP3: She & Him :: I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
MP3: She & Him :: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
MP3: She & Him :: Magic Trick (with Jim James)
MP3: She & Him :: This Is Not A Test
MP3: She & Him :: Sweet Darlin’

*Thanks to reader Abe for the tracks.

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13 Responses to “She & Him :: Live, Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08”

  1. Wow! Thanks again! What amazing stuff!

  2. The two title unknown songs with Becky Stark are Lavender Diamond’s “The Garden Rose” and “Lingering Still.”

  3. thx

  4. Thank you, good A.D. people!! Awesome quality. Mr. Ward starts sounding like dylan on some of those last songs. And i dont mean the young dylan! But, Im loving it like Mcdonalds!!

  5. i think im in love with She.

  6. Thanks for both posts. I was at Newport and was stage left of this and it was fabulous. even with the rain. keep em comin…

  7. Thanks for the song titles travis. I had no clue what they were.

  8. did anyone get gillian welch’s set?

  9. how ’bout some Dawn Landes? got any?

  10. This is brilliant. Thanks for this!

  11. Thank you! Do you happen to have track 16, though?

  12. […] connect the M.Ward dot. How I missed this major detail is beyond me. I remember Aquarium Drunkard posting their live recordings from their “wet and wild” set at this year’s Newport Folk Festival. However, I […]

  13. Thank you!

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