She & Him :: Live, Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08


MP3: She & Him :: Intro
MP3: She & Him :: Black Hole
MP3: She & Him :: I Was Made For You
MP3: She & Him :: Change Is Hard
MP3: She & Him :: Sentimental Heart
MP3: She & Him :: Stage Banter
MP3: She & Him :: You Really Got A Hold On Me
MP3: She & Him :: Take It Back
MP3: She & Him :: The Garden Rose (with Becky Sharp)
MP3: She & Him :: Lingering Still
MP3: She & Him :: Got Me
MP3: She & Him :: I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
MP3: She & Him :: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
MP3: She & Him :: Magic Trick (with Jim James)
MP3: She & Him :: This Is Not A Test
MP3: She & Him :: Sweet Darlin’

*Thanks to reader Abe for the tracks.

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13 thoughts on “She & Him :: Live, Newport Folk Festival 8.2.08

  1. Thank you, good A.D. people!! Awesome quality. Mr. Ward starts sounding like dylan on some of those last songs. And i dont mean the young dylan! But, Im loving it like Mcdonalds!!

  2. Thanks for both posts. I was at Newport and was stage left of this and it was fabulous. even with the rain. keep em comin…

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