I played this (live) Ryan Adams track on the SIRIUS show several weeks ago and have since received several emails inquiring as to its origin. Dreams Of A Working Class Clownis a, live, piano ballad Adams had in his regular rotation in the Spring of 2001 just prior to the release of Gold. It was later recorded in 2005 as part of the (unreleased) Elizabethtown sessions. You’ll note the tune is in the same vein as a number of Adams’ piano-driven songs written/performed around the same time period (see also: “Young Winds,” “The Bar Is A Beautiful Place”). I’d love to eventually see this one make it back into his setlists.

MP3: Ryan Adams :: Dreams Of A Working Class Clown
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  1. Out of curiousity: how do you know it was recorded for Elizabethtown? If you have more info on those sessions, I’d love to hear the details!

  2. Ryan Adams is the new love of my life

  3. The Elizabethtown Sessions
    Date: Early August 2005
    Location: Two different New York studios.
    Personnel: Ryan Adams; Jon Graboff, Brad Pemberton, Catherine Popper, Tom Schick (engineer, producer) Tracks

    1. Cemetery Hill
    2. The Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well
    3. Clementine (possibly Madeline?)
    4. Everybody Knows
    5. When The Wild Wind Blows (or Wild Wind)
    6. Dreams Of A Working Class Clown (or Dreams Of The Working Class)
    7. Words
    8. Lions Of Broadway
    9. Who Were We?
    10. Willows
    11. Lighthouses
    12. Saturday Night
    13. Everything Dies
    14. Two
    15. Maps
    16. Don’t Get Sentimental On Me
    17. Elizabeth Town
    18. Elizabeth

  4. Very nice!

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  7. cool post, thanks.
    tracklisting and album cover for Ryan Adams & the Cardinals upcoming CARDINOLOGY release is at http://23-7.blogspot.com

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