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There has been a lot of Ryan Adams love, on AD, over the past few weeks gearing up for the release of the Cardinals new LP Cardinology (October 28th). In the meantime I have been digging through sleeves of old Ryan/Whiskeytown bootlegs. The below acoustic show is a favorite: recorded September 9, 2000, in Seattle, at the Tractor Tavern, during No Depression magazine’s 5th anniversary party. Speaking of No Depression, after thirteen years in print, the magazine relaunched last week in an online format. Go check it out.

MP3: Ryan Adams :: Born Yesterday
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Oh My Sweet Carolina
MP3: Ryan Adams :: To Be The One
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Amy
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Call Me On Your Way Back Home
MP3: Ryan Adams :: To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Damn Sam (I Love A Woman Who Rains)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: The Fools We Are As Men
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Just Like A Whore
MP3: Ryan Adams :: No Depression Jam
MP3: Ryan Adams :: I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Hey There Mrs. Lovely
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Dancing With The Women At The Bar (Whiskeytown)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: In My Time Of Need

The below mini-documentary was shot eight years ago during Ryan’s tour supporting the release of Heartbreaker on Bloodshot records. Like the above show, these were stripped down, acoustic, performances. Prior to the release of Heartbreaker, Adams had not had an album out since 1997 – Whiskeytown’s Stranger’s Almanac. He has certainly made up for lost time.

Ryan Adams :: Heartbreaker Tour Documentary Part I : 2000

Ryan Adams :: Heartbreaker Tour Documentary Part II : 2000

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13 Responses to “Ryan Adams :: Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA 2000”

  1. That harmonica in “Damn Sam…” – good stuff. Nice lead up to the new release AD. Oh well, I gotta go back and find that “Loft Sessions” post you had a while back now….


  2. Was this doc ever released somewhere? Am curious as to where it’s from.

  3. Rupe, yeah, I originally saw it on a Bloodshot Records retrospective DVD (which I assume if still for sale via the website).

  4. thanks for this.

    also, i went back to listen to that jeff tweedy living rooms post you put up on august 12 but the files are gone. any chance you can upload them again? or is there some other way i can listen to them?

  5. mp3 files are only up for 14 days

  6. simply amazing

  7. Was at this show. Drove up from Portland as this was a not-to-miss concert. It was my first RA solo show and I was leveled…stood about 7 feet away from him just stunned. I remember requesting “In My Time of Need” not noticeable in this recording, there was lots of banter after I made the request and before he started playing it……(must have been edited out) he had forgot to play it earlier in the set. He WAS bartending that night too! Pulled me a beer and took the tip. Great, Great event, still have the postcard invite from ND I think.

    He would come back to the NW in February 2001 with Tift Merritt opening…..was probably the greatest 1-2 solo act concert that I have ever been to. Really. And I have been too MANY shows.

  8. […] missa detta. Jag visste att det skulle komma ett album men inte när, fick reda på det genom ett AD inlägg med Ryan. Skivan som släpps under Ryan Adams & The Cardinals heter Cardinology och släpps av […]

  9. Much love for Ryan… Much love for AD for posting such lovely sets 😉

  10. What a great set!! As always, THANKS for posting!

  11. […] Most of my recent listening has been in the form of the two late 90’s albums Ryan recorded with his old mates in Whiskeytown (Strangers Almanac and Faithless Street) as well as a couple of repeat listenings of both Heartbreaker (his solo debut) and the most recent Follow the Lights EP with The Cardinals (which I own on vinyl).  Just in the last day or so, I’ve also been listening to a super-sweet, solo-acoustic, live bootleg recorded in Seattle, WA back in 2000.  [the sound quality is A+ and can be downloaded for free at Aquarium Drunkard.  Click here.] […]

  12. Just an incredible post. Perfect autumn soundtrack material here.

  13. I found this article interesting!!

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