Men At Work, Rockwell & The Days of Music Videos

rockwell-somebodys-watching-me.jpgSo I’ve been really into Men At Work’s greatest hits collection, Contraband, the past week or so (see also: Hall & Oates’ Best Of, but we’ll get to that some other time). Let’s just say the next time I find myself karaoking, at Thai Angel at 4am, “Down Under” is gonna get seriously worked over, drunken and tone deaf be damned. Anyway, I was very much in short pants when these Australians were blowing up the FM airwaves, and my main memories of their tunes are the videos for “Down Under” (desert wasteland/Vegemite sandwich), and “Who Can It Be Now,” which come to think of it I believe I had confused with the video for Rockwell’s freaktastic “I Always Feel Like (There Somebody’s Watching Me)”, which itself is the jam if you’re not familiar. Ahh, the ’80s.

The Ralphs in my neighborhood (for those outside California, it’s a grocery store chain ) occasionally plays some interesting stuff over their PA, and the past few times I have been in I keep managing to catch at least part of Men At Work’s “Overkill.” This direct correlation between the Ralph’s and my revisiting their greatest hits has me thinking: are grocery stores and their ilk the future of music licensing? Eh, probably not, but hey, here in Los Feliz I’m sure there are more than a few music supervisors shopping there…subliminally soaking up the music wafting out of the PA while shopping for their dinner.

MP3: Men At Work :: Overkill

Video: Men At Work – Down Under
Video: Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now
Amazon: Men At Work – Contraband: The Best of Men At Work

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Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (w/ Michael Jackson guest vocals)

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10 thoughts on “Men At Work, Rockwell & The Days of Music Videos

  1. “Overkill” is a great song. Just undeniable.

    But do yourself a favor and listen to “Business As Usual” in its entirety. It’s a great ALBUM.

  2. “Overkill” is one of the most underrated songs of the 80’s. I’ve loved it since I was a kid and it never gets any play anymore. It came on Sirius two weeks ago and I replayed it about 7 times in a row on my drive home.

    On a cover tangent, Tenacious D threw it in at the end of a medley for an Australian radio station back in 2002:

    Oh and the reason Rockwell got Michael Jackson to sing on that song? He’s Berry Gordy’s son. When the founder of Motown asks you a favor to sing on his son’s song, you do.

  3. I remember being really excited that Michael Jackson sang on Rockwell’s song (I was around 10), and I think Jermaine had something to do with it as well. Colin Hay performed on Howard Stern right before HS went satellite and was excellent, I downloaded his newer acoustic version of Overkill immediately. Thanks a lot for the original.

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