Read Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, then listen to Ben Nichols’ solo debut The Last Pale Light In The West.

MP3: Ben Nichols :: The Last Pale Light In The West
Amazon: Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light In The West

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14 Responses to “Ben Nichols :: The Last Pale Light In The West”

  1. What a surprise to find Ben Nichols on your site. Ya know, Lucero is a great group and Ben’s vocals are on fire. What the hell are the major companies waiting for?

  2. I’ve been wondering that same thing since hearing Lucero’s “Tennessee” in 2001.

    C’mon with it!!

  3. Hey Guys, the majors arent waiting anymore. Lucero signed with Universal Republic back in September (or around there somewhere)…here’s to hoping they dont screw with Ben and the Boys…

  4. So, I love Lucero and all, but why does Ben need a solo project? Isn’t Lucero basically Ben and his band (not meaning to take anything away from the rest of the fellers, but the songs are clearly more “Ben”). This just seems like the inverse of the Jay Farrar/Son Volt personality problem.

  5. I bet ben had some stuff in the can he wanted to release prior to the lucero major label debut.

  6. Great voice. Kind of sounds like folky Kurt Cobain.
    Don’t forget to check out.
    Digging For Days

  7. Man. Blood Meridian is the best American novel ever written. Your allusion alone made me listen to Ben’s music, and I totally get the connection. Something about violence, longing, fate, and hubris all smooshed together. Wait. Smooshed isn’t the right word. Their coagulate and inky blood rivulets together in the detrital gutter of a wasted America. That’s better.

  8. I disagree with one of the previous posters. I think Brian Venable is a big part of what makes the band great. But yes, Ben is who you go to see.

    Lucero played one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, at the Mad Planet in Milwaukee. They rocked the joint for like three hours and played practically everything on Tennessee, which is a head above all their other stuff (though said stuff is still pretty good).

  9. This album’s been on my player for about 4 weeks straight now. Great tribute to one of the great American novels.

  10. I think as great as Lucero is, his collaborating with Ben and the boys is really going to create some amazing and innovative stuff.


  11. The Judge!

  12. the judge sure is a prickly fellow.

  13. Inexplicably dark and brilliant novel by the greatest living American novelist gets musical treatment from another Tennessean from the opposite side of the state. A really solid choice of songwriting material for a debut solo effort (especially considering McCarthy’s current popularity). The best part of the album is the “don’t blink or you’ll miss” moments underneath Ben’s gravelly voice courtesy of Glossary’s Todd Beene and the ever popular Rick Steff. Haunting, beautiful, then gone like the characters in “Blood Meridian.”

    Looking forward to the Lucero New Year’s Eve show in Memphis with Amy LaVere and co, and a new Lucero album this coming summer!

  14. in response to kip. please dont ever compare ben to kurt cobain ever again. he is so much more talented and clearly more emotionally stable. lucero far exceeds nirvana on every aspect.

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