(I mentioned this entry in the Mountain Man post and have since received a lot of email inquiries about it. For those who did not grab it the first time around, have at it below.)

Recording under the moniker White Antelope, Fleet Foxes principal singer/songwriter Robin Pecknold continues to tackle folk covers on his MySpace page. Big thanks to Kyle for both the heads up and mp3 rips. I could listen to an entire album of these (hint, hint).

MP3: White Antelope :: Silver Dagger (traditional)
MP3: White Antelope :: It Ain’t Me, Babe (Bob Dylan)
MP3: White Antelope :: False Knight On The Road (traditional)
MP3: White Antelope :: Wild Mountain Thyme (traditional)

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2 Responses to “White Antelope”

  1. that dylan cover is ridiculously good.

  2. […]  This makes me happy.If you want to read a bit about the White Antelope project go here: https://www.aquariumdrunkard.com/2009/11/10/white-antelope/On that website above, you will find some mp3 files of his songs.  You can actually download […]

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