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As I mentioned last month, one of the best new things I caught in Austin during FFF Fest was the Twin Tigers gig Saturday night at the Mohawk. In the span of roughly 45 minutes I heard the band sonically reference the past three decades of post-punk, shoe-gaze and dreamcore. All sans pastiche. With three weeks left in 2009, we asked vocalist/guitarist Matthew Rain to run down his ten favorite LPs of the decade. Stick around for the Twin Tigers live footage after the jump.

1.   Liars :: Drums Not Dead – This record fascinated me from the first time I heard it. It opens with the sweetest guitar sound ever in “Be Quiet Mr. Heart Attack!” and traps you in darkness until it sends you out with a lullaby in the closing track. Based on this album alone I will get every album these guys ever make.

2.   Beach House :: Devotion – This record is what heaven sounds like.

3.   Radiohead :: Kid A – There isn’t anything I could say about this record that hasn’t been said before but I couldn’t make this list without mentioning it. There was so much hype and expectation leading up to this album and it seems to have delivered on every level. I especially love the closing track “Motion Picture Soundtrack.” It was sunny the day this album came out. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

4.   Deerhunter :: Cryptograms – Watching Deerhunter grow into this album was fantastic. They made this album in our hometown, Athens, GA, and in the last ten years I can’t say anything better has been made here since. All the songs are awesome and it weaves in and out of each song with purpose.

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5.   Interpol :: Turn on the Bright Lights – Paul Banks has a special way of saying things. Bright Lights is dark and sensual and I fell in love with it from the first listen. I remember a lot of comparisons to Joy Division when it came out but it really has an atmosphere that is all its own. “Stella was a Diver” is one of my favorite songs ever written.

6.   Ariel Pink :: House Arrest – This is a great set of songs all made for almost nothing. Also, Ariel brought the Flanger back for ‘Helen’. It’s spaced out California pop perfect for car rides.

7.   Tim Hecker :: Harmony in Ultraviolet – I wish this album could soundtrack my dreams at night. There are so many different sounds on this record that are covered in emotion. This is definitely my favorite instrumental album ever made.

8.   Portishead :: Third – One of the best comeback albums ever. They disappeared forever and came back with what seems to be their best work to date. They maintained all the trademark elements to the Portishead sound but introduced a whole new depth to their songwriting.

9.   Black Angels :: Passover – This album is the record I had always wished the Doors had made. My favorite track on the album is a song called “Empire” that I think might be haunted. America was due for a rock band when these guys showed up.

10. White Stripes :: White Blood Cells – All firepower. Lots of songs on this album, mostly short, but it takes you everywhere you wanna go. It was a natural step for the stripes pairing the raw guitar of their debut with the sweetness of the follow up De Stijl.


Twin Tigers: live at the Earl, Atlanta, GA – March 27th 2009

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2 Responses to “Diversions :: Twin Tigers on Albums of The Decade”

  1. Much agreed about Portishead. Though I’m not writing it up for our Decade pieces, it was a record that totally floored me.

  2. Who doesn’t love the doors?

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