Transylvanian Sublet, A Halloween Mixtape

Back from last year by request. We are Mondo Boys – a NY/LA mixtape/sound collage collaborative. We’re back to fuck with your Halloween, just like you knew we would. Here’s 27 minutes of spooky weirdness. Mucho take it easy. — MB

+ After the jump…..mix details/tracklisting/zipped folder

Zipper Folder:
Transylvanian Sublet, A Halloween Mixtape

+ Broadcast & The Focus Group: Royal Chant
+ Gorillaz: M1A1
+ Grizzly Bear feat Wendy Carlos: I Live With You
+ Flaming Lips feat. Goblins: Silver Trembling Hands
+ Beatles: Helter Skelter
+ Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Grizzly Bear: IRM
+ RJD2 & Others: Chicken-Bone Circuit
+ Angelo Badalamenti feat Agent Dale Cooper: Twin Peaks Theme
+ The Ramones: Pet Semetary
+ Dead Mans Bones: Lose Your Soul
+ Blur: Caravan
+ Dr. John feat. the Beach Boys: I Walk On Gilded Splinters
+ Broadcast & The Focus Group: The Be Colony
+ David Lynch: Dark Night of the Soul
+ Beck: The Information
+ White Rabbits: Reprise
+ Screaming Lord Sutch: Jack the Ripper

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  1. Is there anyway to get this mixtape unearthed from the dead? Its one of my favorites this time of year!!

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