It’s summertime. Look for Volume 4 of our annual Bomboclat! series soon. Until then, settle down with the previous three installments — all of which have been re-upped and are once again available for download.

~ Bomboclat! Island Soak 3 :: A Vintage Rocksteady Mixtape
~ Bomboclat! Island Soak 2 :: A Vintage Rocksteady Mixtape
~ Bomboclat! Island Soak :: A Vintage Reggae/Dub Mixtape

11 Responses to “Bomboclat! Island Soak :: Jamaican Vintage, Volumes 1-3”

  1. Been waiting on these to be re-upped. Massive gracias.

  2. Soak 3 is awesome. To suddenly have two more…

  3. all soaks beautiful….

  4. SO good! Thank you.

  5. big fan of all these. whenever i’m somewhere tropical, they’re part of a massive reggae playlist i throw on.

  6. Thanks! Please keep these up and accessible for a few days. Number 3 was so good.

  7. I’m also a huge fun of all of these collections, keep them coming

  8. […] Once again, just in time for your holiday fade out – Bomboclat! Island Soak 4 :: Jamaican Vintage. 21 selections. Predominantly rocksteady…tipping the scales with a heavy dose of instrumental tracks. Find volumes 1-3, here. […]

  9. volume 1 and 3 won’t download something about permission denied and then shows a song on amazon.

  10. […] in regards to Jamaican vintage, our summer Bomboclat series is still available – volumes 1-3, here and volume 4, here. Onwards. Soul Jazz Records continues to mine the vaults of Studio One and […]

  11. Wow–many thanks for these….your generosity is much appreciated

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