Maison Dufrene

Introducing the bouillabaisse of sound that is Maison Dufrene – a vintage vinyl-only serving of southern soul, r&b, country, blues, gospel and beyond. The first of an ongoing collaboration with Louisiana record collector, dj and musicologist, Paul Dufrene. So go ahead, ease back and enjoy some Lonnie Mack.

Download/tracklisting after the jump…

Two hours / 42 tracks.

Part I: Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Maison Dufrene – A Mixtape

Jim Ford – Under Construction
Doris Troy – What’cha Gunna Do About It
Eddy Giles – Losin’ Boy
Major Lance – Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
Joe Tex – I Believe I’m Gunna Make It
Percy Mayfield – Louisiana
Huey ‘Piano’ Smith – Free, Single and Disengaged
Lee Dorsey – Little Baby
Ernie K-doe – Here Come The Girls
Toussaint McCall – I’m Undecided
Rufus Jagneaux – Opelousas Sostan
Johnnie Allan – You Got Me Whistlin’
Jessie Hill – I Studied Soul
Johnny Adams – Georgia Morning Dew
Ray Stinnett – Liberty Train
Lonnie Mack- Florida
Roger Miller – Meanwhile, Back In Abeline
Garnet Mimms – My Baby
The Drapels – Wondering
Arthur Conley – Love Comes And Goes
Bobby Bland – Today

Part II: Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Maison Dufrene – A Mixtape

Mable John – Shouldn’t I Love Him
Five Easy Pieces
Gene Clark – Life’s Greatest Fool
John Phillips – Topanga
Merle Haggard – I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
John Hartford – In Tall Buildings
Linda Ronstadt – I Won’t Be Hangin’ ‘Round
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – The Pine Tree
Townes Van Zandt joke
Townes Van Zandt – Gypsy Friday
Michael Hurley – Hog Of The Forsaken
Chris Darrow – Lovers Sleep Abed Tonight
Dave Van Ronk – Dink’s Song
Bob Dylan – You’re A Big Girl Now (’74 outtake)
Bob Frank – Layin’ Around
The Byrds – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Solomon Burke – Can’t Nobody Love You
Ben E. King – It’s All Over
Wilson Pickett – For Better Or Worse
O.V. Wright – I Was Born All Over
Spyder Turner – Stand By Me

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30 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Maison Dufrene – A Mixtape”

  1. dont mind if I do.

  2. Wisdom. Thank you!

  3. Heard you talking about this on your show last week. Very nice, indeed.

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  5. Rufus Jagneaux ! ! !

  6. Great vibes for all of us unable to make that Jazzfest Pilgrimage this year! Thanks!!

  7. Hey thanks for this! Just a few tracks in and it’s already fantastic.

  8. i love you guys!

  9. Twelve points out of a possible ten. Wow. Thanks!

  10. Wow!
    Thank you A/D.

  11. thank you!!! so good!!!

  12. Is there a way to get just the zip folder without downloading an executable file?

  13. @hersschel – yeah, donwload the file not the ads or whatever else on the sendspace page. Easy.

  14. Beautiful mix, Paul. Thank you for it. I was hoping you could shed some light on the version of “Hog of the Forsaken” by Michael Hurley you included, as I have never heard it before. I’ve heard the faster, full band version from Deadwood and the more sparse performance from the Wolfways album, but never this one. It is much slower and, dare I say, more beautiful than the two versions I know.

  15. @chad This version is from Hurley’s 2009 record, Ida Con Snock. I strongly recommend that record for Wildegeeses and I Stole The Right To Live.

  16. A good mixtape:makes you wonder where you can find more from the artist, asking why isn’t this certain artist more famous or well known?, schools you, entertains, is compiled in such a way that the songs next to one another and in such an order are better than by themselves,is a work of art, has a good lead and end, leaves you satisfied – since Mondo Boys you guys never disapoint and are THE SHIT – keep ’em coming please and thanks.

  17. thanks fellas

  18. This really made my day. Thanks!

  19. Thank you for this Paul, I love it!

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  24. Wheres the link for this?

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  26. A new link for this would be gin you winely appreciated, I’m sure of it.

  27. Very cool. Don’t see the link though?

  28. would love to get the link for this!

  29. Re-up,please!

  30. Please re-up!

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