Fais Do-Do: A Swamp Pop Honky Tonk


We’re en route from Los Angeles to New Orleans for jazzfest. So, in the spirit of the state’s indigenous sounds, check out the voodoo that is Maison Dufrene, and then get lost in this….

Fais Do-Do: A Swamp Pop Honky Tonk

Johnnie Allan — Promised Land
Randy & The Rockets — Let’s Do The Cajun Twist
Clint West — Mathilda
Cookie & The Cupcakes — Betty & Dupree
Pat & Gary Breaux — The Road You Took
Rufus Jagneaux — Opelousas Sostan
Rod Bernard — Fais Do-Do
Rockin’ Sidney — No Good Woman
Belton Richard — Apres Faire Croire
Tommy McLain — Before I Grow  Too Old
Bobby Charles — I Hope
Rod Bernard — This Should Go On Forever

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19 thoughts on “Fais Do-Do: A Swamp Pop Honky Tonk

  1. I second @Dave Stephens. Swamp pop is great. Have a great time at the fest. I haven’t been able to make it for the past few years, but hopefully next year I’ll be able to take my 2 year old daughter and get her set up right.

  2. thanks so much for this mix…amazing stuff. you opened my mind up to a genre and sound I never knew existed. I am working in Istanbul, Turkey (originally from Washington, DC) and this music of made me feel at home, while at the same time, opened me up to something totally new and amazing! thanks so much–for this, and all the other great music you’ve turned me on to over the years (i’ve never thanked you!)

  3. Andy,

    Thanks for the kind words. I am thrilled that Louisiana music is so well received by the AD listenership. I live in Southwest Louisiana and have inherited hours of Swamp Pop and Zydeco 45s, most of which I’ve yet to go through. But I hope to make a companion mix in the next year or so.

  4. I’ve been listening to this mix nonstop while jealously looking at pictures on Facebook of all my friends at the jazz fest….

  5. Killer! Swamp pop! I’ve never hear this side of that amazing era of early rock. Are there any swamp pop albums and/or comps you’d recommend? I’d love to hear more.

  6. Great mix! I too had never heard of Swamp Pop. I just did some searching on Spotify and there are a fair few compilations. The biggest one seems to be the Swamp Gold series, of which there are 8 different volumes! Just wish I was at the Jazz Fest….

  7. Paul, good to see another Louisiana boy out there. I have about 900 “albums” of Louisiana music ranging from New Orleans R&B to cajun, jazz, rock, swamp pop, blues zydeco, etc. Any interest?

  8. Now this is what a Louisiana Saturday Night should be like. Grab your baby or somebody’s baby. Hit the dance floor. Hold her close and so tight. My my my This cannot be beat. I am soooooo glad I’m from Louisiana. Dequincy to be exact. These songs are gemstones. great music. Keep it coming.

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