Happy birthday, America. Ease back as some of country’s finest gals lay down upbeat barn-stompers, heartbreaking tearjerkers and twangy classics.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Country Soul Sisters – A Mixtape

Tammy Wynette – Tonight My Baby’s Coming Home
Bobbie Gentry – Mississippi Delta
Tanya Tucker – What’s Your Momma’s Name
Wanda Jackson – Wasted
Connie Smith – If It Ain’t Love
Jean Shepard – A Satisfied Mind
Nancy Sinatra – Get While The Gettin’s Good
Dolly Parton – My Blue Tears
Loretta Lynn – Bargain Basement Dress
Patsy Cline – Ain’t No Wheels On This Ship
Norma Jean – He’s All I Got
Linda Ronstadt – I Won’t Be Hangin’ ‘Round
Kitty Wells – Delta Dawn

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16 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Country Soul Sisters – A Mixtape”

  1. Nice mix. There’s quite a bit of overlap with the first Soul Jazz compilation of the same name, which was a superb disc (Vol. 2 is also good). I hadn’t heard ‘Bargain Basement Dress’ before though, it’s great.

    I’ve grown quite fond of Kitty Wells’ version of ‘Delta Dawn’, which you ended with, so I’m curious to hear more of her recordings from that period. It seems the 1972 LP it’s from – I’ve Got Yesterday – has never been on CD or otherwise reissued since – one I’ll look out for.

  2. liinnnnnda

  3. got this going right now while minding the Q

  4. HAPPY 4TH

  5. Great tape. There’s a rockin’ groove to it.


  6. Nothing like early Linda. Luv the photo too!

  7. This was a great way to start the day/get rid of last night’s cobwebs.

  8. This hits the spot

  9. This is so good, JG.

  10. YES!

  11. it’s also a great way to end the day after … let me think … 15 hrs. of work …

  12. dudes. this is blowin’ my mind. RAD. RAD. RAD MIX!

  13. Can’t seem to play the link A.D?

  14. Ok, I got it. Is this available for download?

  15. What program do I need to get this to play? Thanks

  16. […] Country Soul Sisters: Volume One // Country Soul Sisters: Volume […]

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