Jonathan Phillips, Dylan Palmer, Terry Kane and Reid Cummings are fairly normal dudes that met as students at the University of Tennessee. Since forming Faux Ferocious, the Nashville-based psychedelic blues punks have released music via Burger, Infinity Cat, and Striped Light. Last year’s Cloning the Rubicon was a muggy collection of spellbinding, brain-liquefying recordings likely tracked in a pay-by-the-hour motel room on Murfreesboro Pike; warm, dosed Icehouse in one hand, cheap guitar in the other. Hairy hypnotic rock ‘n’ roll that will still slap you into a pause. The best kind.

Faux Ferocious will release their latest EP on 12” this Friday via Drop Medium Records. “Me and Jonny” finds the band surfing deeper into the void on a groove closer to the kind carved out by Jaki Liebezeit and co. “Solvency” whips up a motorik thrall fueled by Faux Ferocious’ textbook oddball-blues riffing. The same goes for “Big Kahuna.” This is chooglin’ that will have you spinning off the front porch, foaming at the mouth. photo/Joseph Coakley

5 Responses to “Faux Ferocious :: S/T”

  1. this is good stuff. love it when AD helps break new bands!

  2. yezir!

  3. Excellent! Punchy rock n roller fer the soul. Thanks!

  4. Bein a Nashville native and casually knowing a couple of these fellas from my high school, I’m glad to see them featured on AD with this full stream! With this latest recording I’d say they’re certainly going places. Really sounds incredible. Top notch chooglin that would certainly have anybody foaming at the mouth!

  5. Also, this band absolutely rips live. Stoked to see them getting AD love!

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