Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Maison Dufrene VIII — A Mixtape

Ease into an hour of soul serenades, rarefied country and folk b-sides aimed to guide you on a free flowing path down the white lines of the highway. The eighth installment of Maison Dufrene.

Maison Dufrene VIII — A Mixtape

Billy Stewart — Strange Feeling
Georgie Fame – Sitting In The Park
Freddie Scott — (You) Got What I Need
Tony Owens — This Heart Cant Take No More
Arthur Alexander — We’re Gonna Hate Ourselves (In The Morning)
Dale Hawkins — Joe
Flamin’ Groovies — Whiskey Woman
Chris Darrow — Albuquerque Rainbow
Kenny Knight — All My Memories
Prentice & Tuttle — It’s Getting Mighty Cold
Judee Sill — There’s A Rugged Road
Ted Lucas — Now That I Know
Goldberg — Say Your Name Out Loud
Ginny Reilly — Landslide
Tommy Flanders — Purple and Blue
Carl Oglesby – Cherokee Queen
David Wiffen — White Lines

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  1. Thank you very much for all the volumes. Would it be possible to reup Vol 1 and Vol 4. Would make a lot of music lovers happy! Thank you again.

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