Do you watch Gossip Girl? Me neither, but apparently Sonic Youth do and made a guest appearance on the show last night (you can check out the cameo via Videogum, here). In short, the band play a wedding reception – specifically an acoustic version of “Star Power” (originally off Evol) which you can download for 99 cents via the band’s online store. Or iTunes.

Speaking of alternate renderings, in response to several emails regarding the acoustic Murray Street tracks, below are the versions the group laid down in 2002 while in Santa Monica guesting on Morning Becomes Eclectic. An interesting — if fairly straightforward — set, especially the interview discussing the impact 9/11 had on the recording Murray Street.

MP3: Sonic Youth :: Empty Page (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Rain On Tin (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Plastic Sun (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Interview (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Disconnection Notice (Morning Becomes Eclectic)
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Karenology (Morning Becomes Eclectic)

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7 Responses to “Sonic Youth :: KCRW 2002/Star Power (Acoustic)”

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  2. Two days running. Gonna make it a perfect three?

  3. Gossip Girl? Puke.

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  5. While you’re on an acoustic SY kick, here’s “Antennae” from when they dropped by CBC’s Q:

  6. Did you guys hear what the videogum guy said about Sonic Youth? I’m so goddam peeved.

  7. […] note, check out Sonic Youth performance from last month at Morning become eclectic (courtesy Aquarium Drunkard) It never cease to amaze me how Sonic Youth has become the sound that can fit everywhere. Maybe […]

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