Transmissions :: Joan Shelley

On Joan Shelley’s fantastic new album The Spur, the singer/songwriter reaches out from a place of solitude, seeking connection. Rooted in Britfolk aesthetics, it’s an album that feels intimate but spacious too, all finger picked acoustic guitars, Richard Thompson inspired electrics, and sparse percussion.

Transmissions :: Craig Finn

As leader of The Hold Steady and a solo artist, Craig Finn specializes in unlikely redemption stories. His latest is called A Legacy of Rentals. Like his best work, it traces the lines of down and out characters, imbuing them with humanity and inner drama. He joins Jason P. Woodbury to discuss it, his new podcast, and much more on this week’s episode of Transmissions.

Transmissions :: Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire), Eric Random (The Buzzcocks)

This week on Transmissions, a post-punk roundtable with Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire, Eric Random (The Buzzcocks, Nico). On Mark’s latest album, VS, they team up for “Cast No Shadow.” How did post-punk hit their respective places? What role did regionalism play in the music’s development? These three join us for a freewheeling hour of discussion and deconstruction—talking about the VU, German cosmic music, black magic, and more.

Transmissions :: Longform Editions

Welcome back to Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions. This week on the show, we’re joined by Andrew Khedoori and Mark Gowing of Longform Editions. It’s tempting to think of Longform Editions as a “record label,” but Andrew and Mark think of it more as an online gallery for musical works.Mark and Andrew have a long history in the music industry and are lifelong record collectors. They joined us to discuss the way Longform works, how they crafted it as a sustainable project for both artists who contribute and themselves, the process of deep listening, and much more.

Horsegirl :: Transmissions

This week on the show, we’re joined by Chicago indie trio Horsegirl—Penelope Lowenstein, Nora Cheng and Gigi Reece. Their new album, Versions of Modern Performance, echoes classic indie rock and features members of Sonic Youth. They join us to discuss it all: high school, Chicago’s all-ages scene, recording at Electrical Audio, and more.

Ben Vaughn :: Transmissions

This week on Transmissions: producer, television music maker, radio host, and overall interesting guy Ben Vaughn. His new album is called The World of Ben Vaughn. Rooted in gentle strums, much of its sweetly traditional songcraft was recorded out in Vaughn’s Relay Shack studio in the Mojave Desert, and it echoes the most rustic of selections he plays on his great radio show The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn. Ben’s produced albums by Arthur Alexander, Nancy Sinatra, Charlie Feathers, and more—as well as collaborating with Alex Chilton and Alan Vega. For this episode, we spoke about the new album, his work as a Hollywood television music maker, producing Ween’s irreverent cult classic 12 Golden Country Greats and much more.

Ben Marc :: Transmissions

Today on Transmissions, London-based jazz and beat artist Ben Marc. He’s known for his work with Ethiopian jazz legend Mulatu Astatke and with Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and Shabaka Hutchings of Sons of Kemet. His new album is called Glass Effect and it’s a blend of classical, electronic music, and deeply felt spiritual jazz. He joined us to discuss his work with the Sun Ra Arkestra, Astake, working with Jonny Greenwood and his bandmate Tom Skinner’s work in Radiohead side project The Smile.

Jeff Cloud :: Transmissions

Today on our weekly Transmissions podcast, Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music. Known for his work with Pony Express, Starflyer 59, and Richard Swift, Cloud has run VBM with a deep blue collar ethic and joins host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss his time playing music, the influence of David Lynch, and much more.

Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian :: Transmissions

Welcome back to Transmissions, today on the show we’re joined by Sarah Martin of Glasgow’s Belle and Sebastian. The legendary Scottish indie band has a new album out now on Matador, A Bit Of Previous. Martin joined host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss the new record, the band’s history, that infamous scene in High Fidelity, the Belle and Sebastian cruise and much more.

Kurt Vile :: Transmissions

Return guest Kurt Vile joins us for an all-new episode of the Transmissions podcast. Joining host Jason P. Woodbury, Vile shares thoughts on the new record, unpacks what he learned during the pandemic, reflects on working with producer Rob Schnapf, digs into his favorite Bruce Springsteen deep cuts, and offers musings on Neil Young, Kesha, and Sun Ra.

Transmissions :: Sasha Frere-Jones

Writer, musician, and prolific TikToker Sasha Frere-Jones joins us on Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly talk show podcast to discuss music criticism, listening habits, and self forgiveness. Known for his work with Ui, Body Meπa, and the ambient project Calvanist and as a writer for The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, and dozens of other outlets, Frere-Jones can be found on the S/FJ Substack.

Transmissions :: Advance Base

This week on our weekly interview podcast Transmissions, Owen Ashworth of Advance Base on the merits of “gloss era” Bruce Springsteen, the influence of David Bazan of Pedro the Lion and Joe Pera, CCR, and raiding family members’ record collections.

Meredith Graves :: Transmissions

Today on an all-new episode of Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly interview podcast, we’re joined by artist and creator Meredith Graves, Kickstarter’s Director of Music and “Head Witch in Charge.” She joined us to speak about magic and arcana, about the “purgative ritual” that is Perfect Pussy’s 2014 album Say Yes to Love, her time at MTV News, Lana Del Rey, Wilco, and more.

Ryan Walsh :: Transmissions

Roll up/that’s an invitation…Today on the show, we’re joined by a return guest, Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills. He’s appeared here on the show previously to discuss his great Van Morrison book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 and now he joins host Jason P. Woodbury for a conversation about Van Morrison, the paranormal, and mystic corners of The Beatles’ universe. On April 1st, you’re going to want to head over to, to discover a truly freaky Beatles project, related to the obscure occultist HX Newhaven.