Transmissions :: Andy Shauf

Today on Transmissions, we’re joined by Saskatchewan-born songwriter Andy Shauf to discuss getting sober, God, and how these big topics relate to his latest album of introspective folk pop, Norm. Fans of his ‘70s-styled songcraft will still find lots to love here, but as we discuss, the production is deeply rooted in modern experimentation and the anything goes sonic possibilities of digital recording.

Transmissions :: Philip Selway (Radiohead)

Philip Selway, best known as the drummer in Radiohead joins us on Transmissions to discuss his third album, Strange Dance. It’s a sweeping and textural listen, envisioned by its creator as something like a “Carole King record meets Daphne Oram.” We caught up with Phil to dig in. Along the way, we discuss his songwriting approach, explore why he decided to forgo playing drums on this new outing, touch on the side project arrangements enjoyed by Radiohead, the band’s relationship to peers like Portishead, Wilco, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the 20th anniversary of Hail to the Thief, and much more.

Transmissions :: Lou Reed Archive

Today on Transmissions, a tremendous conversation with Jason Stern and Don Fleming of the Lou Reed Archive. From the contents of the archive to under-recognized albums from Reed’s discography, this talk covers fascinating aspects of Lou’s life, offers insight into his art, addresses controversies, and much more.

Transmissions :: Mac DeMarco

We’re hanging out with Mac DeMarco this week on Transmissions. His latest album forgoes lyrics in favor of instrumentals. It’s called Five Easy Hot Dogs and it came about as the result of series of recording sessions Mac underwent while on a road trip. We caught up to discuss life in LA, quitting smoking, the influence of heavy grade players in his orbit like Thundercat, and more.

Transmissions :: Badge Époque Ensemble

Max Turnbull of Badge Époque Ensemble on Transmissions, our weekly podcast. Last year, BEE released the magisterial Clouds of Joy, which landed on the Aquarium Drunkard Year in Review best of the year list. A stirring blend of jazz, choral music, prog, funk, R&B, and indie rock, it’s a layered and dynamic creation. We discussed that record, Max’s work with his wife, Meg Remy of U.S. Girls, his lifelong hip-hop influence, and the myriad and mysterious ways music connects to listeners.

Transmissions :: James Yorkston and Nina Persson

Nina Persson of The Cardigans and James Yorkston join host Jason P. Woodbury on Transmissions to discuss The Great White Sea Eagle, their low key and homey collection of folk rock, we explore a bevy of interesting topics, run-ins with members of Black Sabbath, Tom Jones, an ill-fated tour with John Martyn, and much more.

Transmissions :: Beauty Pill

The 2023 season of Aquarium Drunkard’s Transmissions podcast is officially underway. This week on the show, Chad Clark of Beauty Pill. On January 20th, Ernest Jenning Record Co. releases Blue Period, a double LP compilation featuring music Clark recorded for the legendary punk label Discord Records between 2003-2005.

Transmissions :: Bedhead

Today on the show, we are joined by the Kadane Brothers, who founded the pioneering slowcore band Bedhead in 1991 in Dallas, Texas. On this episode of Transmissions, we dig into Bedhead’s history and idiosyncratic approach, exploring how they worked “remotely” and by telephone long before remote work was standard, the space carved out by Bedhead’s unique sound, their cover of Cher’s “Believe,” and much more.

Transmissions :: Sam Cohen

On Slow Fawn, Sam Cohen, a producer, songwriter, and musician known for his work with Apollo Sunshine, Yellowbirds, Kevin Morby, Danger Mouse and Karen O, creates a glowing, meditative space. Inspired by Terry Riley and drawing from long jam sessions with his collaborators, it reflects Sam’s desire to “create a world without friction, where you could float and feel joy.”

Joe Rainey :: Transmissions

This week on Transmissions: Joe Rainey. Rainey is a powwow singer of the Red Lake Ojibwe tribe. He’s known for collaborations with Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper and Alan Sparhawk of Low, and in May he released his debut solo album, Niineta on Justin Vernon’s 37d03d label. Created in conjunction with producer Andrew Broder, it pairs his vocals with samples culled from his vast collection of powwow tapes, thundering percussion, and dense, thickly layered soundscapes that evoke the overwhelming haze of modern electronic music.

Transmissions :: Clem Burke of Blondie

This week on our weekly interview podcast, a wide-ranging interview with Clem Burke of Blondie. He joins us to discuss the band’s early years, interactions with luminaries like Robert Fripp and Giorgio Moroder, the fashion forward cultural shift, and Numero Group’s monumental box set collection, Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982. A game conversationalist, Burke brings a quick wit and sharp intellect to this chat, which traces the group’s evolution, early days, and his work as a case study documenting the physical condition of drummers.

Transmissions :: The Comet Is Coming

This week on the show, Danalogue (Dan Leavers), Betamax (Max Hallett) and Shabaka Hutchings, known collectively as the improvisational crew The Comet is Coming. They join us to discuss Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam, the apocalypse, AI, improv tactics and more.