Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian :: Transmissions

Welcome back to Transmissions, today on the show we’re joined by Sarah Martin of Glasgow’s Belle and Sebastian. The legendary Scottish indie band has a new album out now on Matador, A Bit Of Previous. Martin joined host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss the new record, the band’s history, that infamous scene in High Fidelity, the Belle and Sebastian cruise and much more.

Kurt Vile :: Transmissions

Return guest Kurt Vile joins us for an all-new episode of the Transmissions podcast. Joining host Jason P. Woodbury, Vile shares thoughts on the new record, unpacks what he learned during the pandemic, reflects on working with producer Rob Schnapf, digs into his favorite Bruce Springsteen deep cuts, and offers musings on Neil Young, Kesha, and Sun Ra.

Transmissions :: Sasha Frere-Jones

Writer, musician, and prolific TikToker Sasha Frere-Jones joins us on Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly talk show podcast to discuss music criticism, listening habits, and self forgiveness. Known for his work with Ui, Body Meπa, and the ambient project Calvanist and as a writer for The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, and dozens of other outlets, Frere-Jones can be found on the S/FJ Substack.

Transmissions :: Advance Base

This week on our weekly interview podcast Transmissions, Owen Ashworth of Advance Base on the merits of “gloss era” Bruce Springsteen, the influence of David Bazan of Pedro the Lion and Joe Pera, CCR, and raiding family members’ record collections.

Meredith Graves :: Transmissions

Today on an all-new episode of Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly interview podcast, we’re joined by artist and creator Meredith Graves, Kickstarter’s Director of Music and “Head Witch in Charge.” She joined us to speak about magic and arcana, about the “purgative ritual” that is Perfect Pussy’s 2014 album Say Yes to Love, her time at MTV News, Lana Del Rey, Wilco, and more.

Ryan Walsh :: Transmissions

Roll up/that’s an invitation…Today on the show, we’re joined by a return guest, Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills. He’s appeared here on the show previously to discuss his great Van Morrison book, Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968 and now he joins host Jason P. Woodbury for a conversation about Van Morrison, the paranormal, and mystic corners of The Beatles’ universe. On April 1st, you’re going to want to head over to, to discover a truly freaky Beatles project, related to the obscure occultist HX Newhaven.

Beauty Pill :: Transmissions

For this episode of Transmissions, Beauty Pill join host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss Instant Night and Please Advise, the influence of Miles Davis, William Eggleston, and collaborations with the Taffety Punk Theatre Company.

Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth :: Transmissions

Ahead of the release of the instrumental freak out collection In/Out/In, Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth join us to discuss The Simpsons, the Geffen years, stolen (and recovered) guitars, the science fiction of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick, and much more on this episode of Transmissions, Aquarium Drunkard’s weekly podcast.

Matthew E. White :: Transmissions

Matthew E. White joins us on Transmissions to discuss K Bay as well as his duo recording with former guest Lonnie Holley, Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection. Along the way, he touches on his communal approach, Miles Davis, his youth in the Philippines, and the transcendent qualities of The Flamingo’s “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

Clinic :: Transmissions

Today on Transmissions: Ade Blackburn of Clinic. The Liverpool-based duo of Blackburn and Jonathan Hartley released a great record last year called Fantasy Island, full of skittering drum machines, cavernous sounds, and fuzzed out melodies, and this week sees the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album, Walking With Thee. Blackburn joins us to discuss his countercultural inspirations, the blending of rock & roll and the avant-garde, discuss the dub-influenced Higher Authorities, and chat about collaborating with Roky Erickson and John Cale.

Molly Lewis :: Transmissions

This week on the show, we’re joined by world renowned whistler Molly Lewis. Last year, she released a great EP called The Forgotten Edge via Jagjaguwar. With its exotica and spaghetti western motifs, the EP is a supremely playful and lovely listen. And Lewis is a charming conversationalist too. We got into her roots in competitive whistling, being in the studio with Dr. Dre, working with John C. Reilly and whistling for the late, great Harry Dean Stanton.

Laraaji :: Transmissions

“Transmissions is a lovely name; I think that’s a very crucial name for this age.” So says mystic musician Laraaji, our guest this week on the show. His Orangeness (AKA Edward Larry Gordon) joins us to discuss his upbringing in the Baptist church, initial entry into meditation, the spiritual qualities of laughter, and much more.

Cate Le Bon :: Transmissions

Today on Transmissions: Cate Le Bon, who, for the last decade plus, has made some of our favorite modern records, as well as producing great work for other artists, like Deerhunter and John Grant, who joined us last year on the podcast to talk about their collaboration The Boy From Michigan. Her new album is called Pompeii, an art pop gem out this week on Mexican Summer records. “I think the underlying theme of the record is we will forever be connected to everything,” she says, joining host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss the album’s genesis, the religious quality of the album’s art, wood working, and much more.