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    Jesus People Music, Volume One

    Jesus People Music, Volume One :: The End Is At Hand

    Behold. On November 27, Aquarium Drunkard presents Jesus People Music Vol. 1: The End is at Hand. Culled from the BlackForrestry’s AD mixtapes of obscure ’60s and ’70s Jesus People psych, rock, folk, and country, this collection is available only at record stores on Record Store Black Friday, limited 1,000 copies electric blue colored vinyl.

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    Kit Sebastian

    Kit Sebastian :: Mantra Moderne

    The Turkish/English hybrid that is Kit Sebastian’s Mantra Moderne swirls with psychedelia, its unique blend pinched from dexterous crate-digging scanning 20th century European library music, Chanson, Tropicália and pop. An aural time machine, the record manages to avoid pastiche, pay homage and remain firmly planted in the present. If any of that sounds good, press play.

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    Channelers :: Isles Beyond

    Isles Beyond has a deliciously Popol Vuh-ish flavor, with gentle piano, drifting dulcimers, mystical guitars all adding up to a very beautiful, very meditative listen. Some moments get lush and pastoral, while others maintain a minimalist vibe. This is sunrise music, hopeful/healing sound for the day ahead.

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    Ela Orleans

    Ela Orleans :: Movies For Ears

    Ela Orleans “In The Night” sounds right on time. Culled from Orleans 2019 retrospective collection, Movies For Ears (originally found on the lp Tumult In The Clouds), the compilation finds the Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist artfully gliding across a palette of sound reminiscent of Nico, Broken English era Marianne Faithfull, and Broadcast. An oeuvre of multi-layered, clever avant-pop music.

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    Lemon Quartet

    Lemon Quartet :: Crestless

    Emanating from the same enigmatic universe as the Aqueduct Ensemble and G.S. Schray, Lemon Quartet deliver ambient jazz at its finest. Mood music in the best sense, it’s filled with drifting melodies, atmospheric vibes and just enough rhythmic pulse to keep things interesting and moving forward. Beautiful and strange, strangely beautiful.

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    Josiah Steinbrick

    Josiah Steinbrick :: Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue

    On Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue, the new album from Josiah Steinbrick, the composer continues his explorative saga of Fourth world neoclassicism.

    Think of a head-on collision between Wally Badarou’s Echoes and Wayne Horvitz’s This New Generation. Or just press play.

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    Felbm :: Tape 3/Tape 4

    Tape 3/4 — the latest entry in Felbm’s ongoing “tapes” series. At 14 tracks, the Utrecht based artist continues down the path set out in 2018, woodshedding material via 4-track. A homespun instrumental affair brimming with low key jazzscapes.

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    New Horizons

    New Horizons :: Young Stars of South African Jazz

    Stretching over two lps from the cosmic to the terrestrial. Via the Johannesburg label Afrosynth Records, New Horizons scans a wide swath of contemporary SA jazz. Rooted in tradition, headed for the stratosphere.

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Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987

Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983 – 1987 gathers 28 gemlike tracks from bands that are mostly now forgotten. Some of the artists went on to commercial success, but that was clearly never the goal. We caught up with the comp’s curator, Mike Sniper, to learn how he found this music, what it means to him and why the world needs more bands, even now in the age of isolation and self-recording.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Jack Name

Jack Name moves in the shadows. Born John Webster Adams, the perennial chameleon’s fourth album, Magic Touch, breaks in stark contrast from his previous solo work. Dialing back the multi-layered production, yet eschewing none of the soul, this latest offering finds the artist naked and at the fore. The following, his first Lagniappe Session, only compliments this approach.

Emily A. Sprague :: Hill, Flower, Fog

Whether she’s making wistful folk music with Upstate New York act Florist or letting her Eurorack do the talking on her eponymous releases, a sense of gentleness permeates everything Emily A. Sprague creates. Recorded shortly after the pandemic hit, her latest, Hill, Flower, Fog, is a meditative exercise in sanity and patience.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Badge Époque Ensemble

Toronto’s Badge Époque Ensemble are a tireless assembly line of lysergic mood music, with November’s Self Help marking their third release in just over a year.

For their Lagniappe Session, Badge Époque picked a pair of unsurprisingly idiosyncratic songs to interpret from Henry Mancini in 1961 and Mica Levi’s 2013 Under The Skin soundtrack.

Jennifer Castle :: Monarch Season

Jennifer Castle’s Monarch Season indeed feels accompanied by the sounds of nature, room tone, and—as is often the case with Castle—the omnipresence of the moon overhead. On Angels of Death, Castle credited it as a member of the band. Here, it exists in many forms: a light, a mystery, and a muse. The moon, for Castle, is a performer and an audience alike.

Transmissions :: Magik Markers

You’re tuned into Transmissions, where each week Aquarium Drunkard presents a strange conversations for these strange times. Today on the show we’re joined by Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Makers. The Markers’ new album 2020 is out now on Drag City. It’s a gloriously smeared burst of noise, raw riffs, and damaged country and folk songs. Ambrogio joined us to discuss the importance of good quarantine companion, living out west, and getting into music—really inhabiting it—before you are even sure what you are doing.

The Moore Brothers :: Autobiography

One of the underground’s best-kept secrets for close to two decades, the Moore Brothers have painted another masterpiece with Autobiography. Siblings Thom and Greg Moore are still finding new ways to bend their voices into odd shapes, conjuring up harmonies that are both perfectly poppy and perfectly strange.