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    Various Artists

    Various Artists :: Atenção! Novos Sons do Brasil

    Coming your way Record Store Day 2022, Aquarium Drunkard’s own premium house blend of heady Brazilian vibes mixed up and presented in collaboration with the good folks at Org Music. Curated and produced by AD founder Justin Gage, Atenção! Novos Sons do Brasil is the stuff that’s scarcely left our turntable in the last few years, a compilation of artists who seem to be working both independently and collectively, presenting a kaleidoscopic mash-up of sounds and styles rooted firmly in the present, all laced with loving doses of classic Brasiliana.

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    Sagittaire :: Lovely Music

    Lovely Music chronicles the early days of Ivan Mairesse’s Sagittaire project, pulling from material written between 2015 and 2017, juxtaposing dark lyrics with lush pop arrangements, Fripp & Eno-esque guitar tones, and a tender vocal delivery.

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     Akiko Yano

    Akiko Yano :: Japanese Girl

    In 1976 Lowell George and Little Feat hooked up with Akiko Yano to record her debut full-length, Japanese Girl, on the west coast at Hollywood Sound Studios. The flipside was laid down back in Tokyo with Haruomi Hosono, Tatsuo Hayashi and Moonriders’ Keiichi Suzuki.

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    Ian Carr

    Ian Carr :: Belladonna

    Of all the UK acts to tinker with the temperamental alchemy of jazz-rock in the early 70s, none slapped harder Ian Carr and Nucleus. Despite all the aesthetic trappings of an acid-folk gem on the cover, Belladonna lives in the venn between by Miles Davis’ dark, post-Bitches Brew fusion and the heady prog jamming of Soft Machine and Islands-era King Crimson.

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    Brigitte Fontaine & Areski

    Brigitte Fontaine & Areski :: Vous et Nous

    Want to hear Brigitte Fontaine spit absolute fire in 1977? Us too. Cue up “Patriarcat” — a slice of proto-hip hop and slithering funk, via the synths & drum machine laden LP, Vous et Nous.

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    Joel Vandroogenbroeck

    Joel Vandroogenbroeck :: Far View

    Take a journey into the imagination of a Library Music master. Far View gathers 15 diverse tracks from Belgian composer Joel Vandroogenbroeck, recorded during the 1980s. It’s a kaleidoscopic trip, with hints of Fourth World strangeness, ambient beauty, esoteric funk, swirling psych, oddball exotica … you know, the good stuff! Cinema for the ear.

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    Bruno Pernadas

    Bruno Pernadas :: Those Who Throw Objects At The Crocodiles Will Be Asked To Retrieve Them

    Provenance: Lisbon, Portugal. The deal: Stereolab adjacent, atmospheric, space age vocal jazz & art pop laced with cosmic psychedelia. Composed, arranged and produced by Bruno Pernadas, at ten tracks, it’s a spacious shapeshifter of an LP.

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    Talaboman :: The Night Land

    A moody, late-night electronic zoner, Barcelona’s John Talabot and Stockholm’s Axel Boman’s 2017 collaboration continues to unfurl in 2022 at its own mercurial pace….

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Videodrome :: Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope (1975)

1975’s Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope defies categorization. It’s not that the film is confused; it simply doesn’t care to fit into a box. Throughout its brisk eighty-six minutes, it weaves in and out of elements of hardboiled thrillers, superhero flicks, espionage conspiracies, paranormal occultism, sleazy soft-core porn, and pulpy noir. It’s a chaotic piece of pop-art, filled with surreal lighting cues, vibrant dutch-angles, and bursts of ultra-violence and sexuality, bursting at the frames with a kind of kitschy, hyper-stylization usually reserved for comic books.

Return To Hot Chicken :: James McNew Reveals The Secrets Of Yo La Tengo’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

If you had to pick one album that encompasses the awesomely eclectic nature of Yo La Tengo’s vision, 1997’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One is your best bet. It’s got it all (almost), careening from crunchy noise-pop to spacey ambient, from free-form experimentalism to delicate balladry, from homespun electronica to blown-out Beach Boys covers. Somehow, the band fits all these puzzle pieces together, creating a masterful whole. The double LP’s closer aside, this isn’t a little corner of the world, it’s an entire galaxy.

Diversions :: Spencer Zahn On Keith Jarrett

We recently caught up with Spencer Zahn whose new album, Pale Horizon, dropped last week via Cascine. A multi-instrumentalist whose varied output touches on jazz and piano-based works, for this installment of Diversions Zahn dives deep into the works of fellow traveler, Keith Jarrett.

The Aquarium Drunkard Picture Show

Weird times, strange signals. Reverberating from the hills of Glassell Park, California, welcome to episode eleven of the Aquarium Drunkard Picture Show.

Feat: Karen Small | Emy Jackson and the Smashmen | Los Surfs | Heinz | The Guilloteens | The Revels | Les Classels | Kemeko Matsudaira | Royals Monarchs | The Tarantulas | Crazy Elephant | Re Maik | Los Rockin Devils

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Johanna Samuels

For her Lagniappe Session, Johanna Samuels looks back, calling on nostalgic childhood sounds. There’s Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate”, the Beatles’ “Yes It Is”, and The Only Ones (by way of Yo La Tengo) “The Whole of The Law”. All careful, attuned, and respectful interpretations…

M. Takara :: Tigre Triste

Whether ordering glitchy breaks and riffs, or sampling the noise of kitchen utensils and of a cavaquinho (the traditional mini-guitar of samba), M. Takara’s Puro Osso produces a certain ambience both reminiscent of Tom Zé and the electronic prayers found in the work of Boards of Canada (or, more recently, in Kara-Lis Coverdale or Ana Roxanne).

Kolumbo :: Imperial Bikers MC

Sonic chameleon Frank LoCrasto is set to release his next lp, Gung Ho, under the guise of Kolumbo, a nom de tune originally reserved as an outlet for LoCrasto’s excursions into the aesthetic worlds of Arthur Lyman, Roger Roger, Esquivel, Martin Denny, and others.

Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian :: Transmissions

Welcome back to Transmissions, today on the show we’re joined by Sarah Martin of Glasgow’s Belle and Sebastian. The legendary Scottish indie band has a new album out now on Matador, A Bit Of Previous. Martin joined host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss the new record, the band’s history, that infamous scene in High Fidelity, the Belle and Sebastian cruise and much more.

David Michael Moore :: Flatboat River Witch: 1994 – 2015

At age seventy-one, David Michael Moore is a Genuine American Freak. An artist and woodworker, living in Rosedale, Mississippi, its mighty river flowing half a mile from his home, Moore has been quietly recording a potent, homespun Americana—tinged with eastern tonalities and new-age ambient passages—for the past three decades. A compendium of these unique and eccentric sounds comes to us in the tape Flatboat River Witch: 1994 – 2015, released via the Bloomington-based Ulyssa imprint.