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    Creation Rebel

    Creation Rebel :: Starship Africa

    Recently reissued via Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound, this 1980 platter is trippiest selection of the Creation Rebel catalog, expanding the lysergic limits of dub with whooshing backmasked tape effects. It’s also rumored to be the planned soundtrack of a Don Letts-directed film about ‘alien dreads from beyond the stars’…

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    Cindy Lee

    Cindy Lee :: Diamond Jubilee

    Diamond Jubilee feels like a throwback to a different, weirder, cooler, better era in independent music. An era where a record such as this one — a record not available on streaming services, that can only be listened to on YouTube and via WAV files available for purchase on the artist’s website, and which was birthed into the world with no advanced single or press, that eschewed the long and laborious album rollout, and so felt like an artifact from space crash landed onto Earth — wasn’t so tragically uncommon.

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    Winged Wheel

    Winged Wheel :: Big Hotel

    Winged Wheel was already a supergroup of sorts. With the band’s second LP they’ve gotten even super-er. Big Hotel brings the whole gang back together: Cory Plump (Spray Paint, Expensive Shit), Whitney Johnson (Matchess, Damiana), Fred Thomas (Tyvek, Idle Ray) and Matthew Rolin (Powers/Rolin Duo). But it also adds two serious ringers to the mix — Sonic Youth’s mighty sticksman Steve Shelley and Water Damage’s similarly mighty Lonnie Slack.

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    Jessica Pratt

    Jessica Pratt :: Here in the Pitch

    Here in the Pitch is a gorgeous slice of baroque pop, but also something gnarlier and more complicated. Recording for the second time at Gary’s Electric Studio in Brooklyn and employing a full band, Pratt’’s realized a lush, baroque 1960s pop sound akin to Vashti Bunyan’s work with Joe Meek, Dusty Springfield, even Petula Clark.

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    Greg Foat

    Greg Foat :: Live at Villa Maximus, Mykonos

    On his second live release this year, Villa Maximus sends jazz pianist and synthesizer maven Greg Foat to Mykonos with his frequent collaborators guitarist Warren Hampshire of the Bees and drummer Ayo Salawu of Kokoroko. But the real wild card here is stellar Greek reedman Sokratis Votskos, who adds flute and bass clarinet to this already formidable unit. The thrilling results range from deep space ambient jazz exploration to funky krautrock blowouts.

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    Gerry Mulligan

    Gerry Mulligan :: Night Lights

    Recorded over two sessions in the fall of 1962 at Nola Penthouse Studios in New York City, Night Lights finds Gerry Mulligan exploring the somber side of cool jazz, playing originals and standards with a no-frills approach.

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    John Martyn

    John Martyn :: One World

    It is perhaps at the peak of his unhinged behavior in the mid-70s that Martyn stumbled into his creative apex. Solid Air confirmed that the chops were there, but it was with One World that the artist cemented his potential for crafting masterworks that transcend the folk-singer moniker.

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    Broadcast :: Spell Blanket – Collected Demos 2006-2009

    Long-rumored since the death of the inimitable Trish Keenan in 2011, the “final” Broadcast album has materialized as Spell Blanket, a megalithic collection of songs and sketches culled from Trish’s extensive archive of 4-track tapes and MiniDiscs recorded during the group’s post-Tender Buttons period (2006-2009).

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Shabason, Krgovich, Sage :: Shabason, Krgovich, Sage

Since 2019, Nicholas Krgovich and Joseph Shabason have settled into a groove of serenity. As its title implies, the third entry in pair’s loose LP trilogy introduces the mystical touches of sound artist Matthew Sage, who recently released the gorgeous cozy eco-ambient album, Paradise Crick, with RVNG Intl.

King Hannah :: Big Swimmer

King Hannah juxtaposes the cool, poised narratives of singer Hannah Merrick with the guitar storms of her partner Craig Whittle, a volatile mix that can sound like Dry Cleaning in one track, PJ Harvey the next. The duo, out of Liverpool, have one previous album, an EP and a slew of singles to their credit before Big Swimmer, but this album ups the stakes considerably.

Ezra Feinberg :: Soft Power

After a trio of excellent early aughts albums with his San Francisco post-prog outfit Citay, Ezra Feinberg stepped away from music to pursue a career as a psychoanalyst. In 2018, he returned to music with his first solo album, beginning an outstanding run of releases that continues to this day with the aptly titled Soft Power. Soft Power mixes post-rock, minimalism and new age, while somehow remaining tangibly human and emotionally grounded.

Paul Spring :: River Flows Two Ways

Though Paul Spring’s music has always revolved around a nucleus of classical nylon string guitar and a healthy dose of Irish flute, River Flows Two Ways is a truly stripped down acoustic affair, reworking of fourteen tracks culled from his eclectic previous releases. Coinciding with a canoe tour down the Hudson River, the tireless session guitarist (and collaborator of artists like Mary Lattimore) spins new arrangements in both a fresh new album and catalogue introduction of sorts.

Bob Dylan’s 83rd Birthday :: Celebrating The Bootleg Series

Even if Fragments, the latest Bootleg Series release from 2023, is the end of the line, fans have been given hours upon hours of “pretty good stuff” that we’ll all be sifting through for decades to come. To celebrate this bounty — as well as Dylan’s 83rd birthday this week — dig into a very small selection of Bootleg Series highlights, stretching from The Times They Are A-Changin’ to Time Out Of Mind. There’s beauty in every grain of sand.

Jeffrey Silverstein :: On The Far Out, Psychedelic Swampiness of Roseway

With his new EP Roseway, Jeffrey Silverstein continues his journeyman drift, wedding country ballads to funk boogies and laser-guided motorik drive to languid, swamp-ready guitars. With his Telecaster Deluxe strapped on, Silverstein cut the recordings with his band. The music picks up where his last full-length, Western Sky Music, left off. We caught up with Silverstein to discuss how it came together. Our conversation, edited for clarity and cohesion, is presented here.

Transmissions :: Steve Roach

Synth lifer Steve Roach has maintained a steady workflow for decades, releasing a steady stream of ambient and electronic soundscapes. With the 40th anniversary of Structures From Silence just passed, he joined us to discuss his creative process, learning to go with your own flow, and his lifelong sonic journey.