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    Slapp Happy

    Slapp Happy :: S/T

    Formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1972, buoyed by the vocal stylings of Dagmar Krause, Slapp Happy’s self-described “naive rock” found its footing in earnest on this, their sophomore self-titled lp (alternately known as Casablanca Moon).

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    Silver Jews

    Silver Jews :: American Water

    The drums march along at the clip of an I.V. drip
    Like sparks from a muffler dragged down the strip

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    Les Filles de Illighadad

    Les Filles de Illighadad :: At Pioneer Works

    Recorded live in the fall of 2019 in Brooklyn, At Pioneer Works has a calmness and serenity about it. Melodically, there is plenty of room to breathe. Each instrument – vocals, guitar, hand claps, percussion — fills in what it needs to organically. Nothing is overworked, just enhanced.

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    Beck :: Mellow Gold

    Beck’s deliciously weird major label debut is sounding right on time; an album described by the artist in 1994 as “a satanic K-tel record that’s been found in a trash dumpster. Someone played poker with it, someone tried to smoke it. Then the record was taken to Morocco and covered with hummus and tabouli.” Sounds about right…

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    Mobilisation Générale

    Mobilisation Générale :: Protest & Spirit Jazz from France 1970-1976

    Via the Paris based Born Bad Records, an incredible compilation of early to mid 70s spiritual jazz/funk/etc, emanating from France.

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    Lee "Scratch" Perry :: Arkology

    Out-of-print, yet easily found via third party sellers, this three disc set comps the work the Upsetter produced and recorded at his doomed Black Ark studio from 1973-79. An essential listen with a capital E.

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    Various Artists

    Various Artists :: Country Funk Volume 3 - 1975-1982

    Another slab of greasy country funk, courtesy of Light In The Attic Records. This third bootcut offering slides right into the early 80s, where the horse still bucks and the band still funks.

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    Abdou El Omari

    Abdou El Omari :: Nuits D’Été Avec Abdou El Omari

    Abdou El Omari: keyboardist, composer, bandleader, record store owner and hairdresser. Since we last wrote about the Moroccan musician back in 2016, his music has been reissued and gone out of print. But now it’s back, courtesy of Belgium’s Radio Martiko Records, compiled on three separate lps. Hypnotic, sinister funk. Snaking organ lines. Polyrhythms. Untethered vocals.

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Liam Kazar :: Due North

Liam Kazar’s introductory single arrived in Spring 2020 via the ear worm, “Shoes Too Tight.” It’s taken over a year, but Kazar finally has a proper lp, giving us the occasion to opine on this artist in full. A rollicking but smart affair, Due North creates its own cool, justifiably confident no matter the subject or style.

Dyke and the Blazers :: Uhh

Dyke and the Blazers defined “funk” in the desert, evidenced by two recent collections, Down on Funky Broadway: Phoenix 1966-1967 and I Got a Message: Hollywood (1968–1970). While “Funky Broadway,” “We Got More Soul,” and “Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man” are the best known cuts, of particular shambolic charm is “Uhh,” a relentless grinder propelled by drummer Rodney Brown.

Pony Hunt :: VAR!

VAR! is the sophomore album from Pony Hunt—the musical project of New Orleans-based artist Jessie Antonick. Named after the discovery of a Cepheid Variable by astronomer Edwin Hubble, ultimately leading him to the realization of the Andromeda galaxy as well as a greater understanding of the vastness of our universe, the album correspondingly feels like some kind of pulsating star, its brightness shining in unpredictable ways.

John Leckie :: Transmissions

A sprawling talk with record maker John Leckie. As a tape operator at Abbey Road, he oversaw the All Things Must Pass and Plastic Ono Band sessions and rolled tape on Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, Fela Kuti, and more. Soon he began producing records, and he’s gone on to work with Radiohead on The Bends, plus Dr. John, Spiritualized, My Morning Jacket, and many more. He joins host Jason Woodbury this week on Transmissions to discuss his extensive history and much more.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Pachyman

Pachyman, the one-man dub reggae project of Pachy Garcia, is not to be slept on. Born in San Juan, PR, and now residing in Los Angeles, Garcia’s latest long-player is laced with the good shit. At a dozen tracks, it’s a roots ride of originals, all with knowing nods to the genre’s greatest innovators.

For this installment of the lagniappe sessions, we asked Garcia to riff on the inimitable Greensleeves label.

Ananda Shankar :: Streets of Calcutta

Following the release of his covers-heavy self-titled album, Bengali musician Ananda Shankar retreated from the spotlight for five years before dropping its follow up: Ananda Shankar And His Music. Released in 1975, eradicating any preconceived genre expectations, the record immediately lays its cards on the table via side one/track one, “Streets of Calcutta”.

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus :: Love Thy Neighbour

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus’ Love Thy Neighbour is perhaps the last great masterwork produced by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry within the hallowed walls of his Black Ark studio. It is a testament to the uncompromising spiritual clarity of Ras Michael’s Nyabinghi mysticism, and to the dubwise delirium of the Upsetter’s sonic palette.

Renee Reed and Kate Teague (In Conversation)

Songwriters Renée Reed and Kate Teague join us today for a one-on-one conversation from the wilds of Louisiana. On her self-titled album, Lafayette-based Reed explores lovely and spooky corners, singing in English and French of shadows and ghosts. Over in New Orleans, Teague crafts open-hearted songs, her voice hovering over thoughtful arrangements of synths and guitars. For this special installment of In Conversation, they discuss their situations in the American South, the influence of their parents, and the joys of home recording.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Tobacco City

For their debut Lagniappe Session, the Chicago band emits several shades of their distinct musical palette, including the wayward, burnt-out sardonicism of Warren Zevon, the AM country sheen of Female Species, the mysterious pastoralism of early 70s Dylan, and the imbibed care-free state of mind we call Jimmy Buffett.

Diversions :: Howlin Rain

Ahead of the release of The Dharma Wheel, Ethan Miller of Howlin Rain discusses the dark comedy of Ottessa Moshfegh, adventurous music by King Crimson and Stevie Wonder, Thomas Pynchon’s V, Capote, and the genre unto itself filmography of Almodovar.

Ade & Connan Mockasin :: It’s Just Wind

Few father/son combos could create an album as gloriously warped as It’s Just Wind. During his yearly residency at the Marfa Myths festival, New Zealand psych-pop surrealist Connan Mockasin welcomed his 72-year-old dad Ade Hosford to join a series of jam sessions.