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    Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock :: Magic Windows

    Slide into “The Twilight Clone”, via the 1981 album, Magic Windows, a track co-written by Adrian Belew. Press play and get your Alpha Syntauri synth-funk ya ya’s out.

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    Meg Baird

    Meg Baird :: Furling

    Furling makes the case for Baird, once again, as one of the finest singers and songwriters of her generation.

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    Robert Lester Folsom

    Robert Lester Folsom :: Sunshine Only Sometimes: Archives, Vol. 2, 1972-1975

    Another welcome dip into the amazing vault of Robert Lester Folsom, a Georgia-based songwriter who deserves to be mentioned alongside such oddball pop auteurs as Emitt Rhodes, Chris Bell and — hey, why not? — Paul McCartney himself.

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    Masahiko Togashi with Don Cherry & Charlie Haden

    Masahiko Togashi with Don Cherry & Charlie Haden :: Song of Soil

    Cut in Paris, smoking 1979 session featuring Old And New Dreams bandmates Don Cherry and Charlie Haden buoyed by Japanese drummer, Masahiko Togashi. Reissued in 2022 via We Want Sounds complete with an 8 page booklet.

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    Rich Ruth

    Rich Ruth :: Calming Signals

    Calming Signals is the 2019 debut from the Nashville, TN-based jazz-ambient composer, Rich Ruth. On the album’s mesmerizing opener, “Coming Down,” a squall of guitars and bleary synthesizers weave in and out of hypnotic swells of bass and escalating saxophone.

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    Tim Buckley

    Tim Buckley :: Blue Afternoon

    Recorded after Lorca, but released before it, the perfect marriage of where Tim Buckley was coming from and where he was going. 1969.

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    Thomas Almqvist

    Thomas Almqvist :: Nyanser

    Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Almqvist’s 1979 debut, Nyanser, is a Nordic masterpiece of folk, fusion, and world music. A guitarist first and foremost, he plays the record largely himself, his patient and winding passages often leading the sojourn across the album’s majestic thirty-eight minutes.

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    Sunburned Hand Of The Man

    Sunburned Hand Of The Man :: Headdress (20th Anniversary Remaster)

    The brilliantly colored and exquisitely crocheted hand talisman on the cover of Headdress beckons you in. The fingertips of the sunburned hand touch the waning crescent moon. It is a good reminder that Sunburned Hand of the Man knew how to sling that cosmic slop. Of all the free rock bands that emerged around the turn of the millennium, Sunburned were definitely the loosest and funkiest.

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Guiding Light :: A Tom Verlaine Appreciation

Heartfelt tributes to Tom Verlaine have been pouring in since news broke of his death late last month. A famously enigmatic character, the Television co-founder never went out of his way to make himself lovable — but he was loved all the same. As you’ll see below, Verlaine provided a guiding light for a wide array of artists through the decades. His deeply original approach (to the guitar, to songwriting, to life) went beyond mere influence and inspiration; it seeped inextricably into the DNA of generations of musicians and writers. As a result, this case will likely never be closed …

Frank Zappa :: The Hot Rats Sessions

When Hot Rats came out in October 1969, it showed a new side of Zappa’s music. It wasn’t poking fun at trends or mixing genres in a blender. It highlights his compositions and skill in both writing memorable songs and as a guitar hero. The lengthy guitar solos showed him emerging as more than just the scruffy leader of the Mothers of Invention, while the musicians he surrounded himself with – from session players to heavyweights like Jean-Luc Ponty – pointed to his ambitions as a musician. But when compared to the material within this box, it also shows Zappa as producer, too.

Aquarium Drunkard :: Mailbag, Vol. IV

Long time reader, first time caller? Welcome to Mailbag, our monthly column in which we dig in and respond to your questions. Got a query? Hit us up at aqdmailbag@gmail.com. In this month’s bag: Steely Dan haters, scratching that Van Morrison itch, music from the Sonoran desert, bandcamp reccs…

Amon Düül: A Young Person’s Guide 003

Launching the listener into the aural assault of “Soap Shop Rock”, Yeti wastes no time getting started. The wandering, acid-drenched psychedelia of Phallus Dei is noticeably absent. The Mothers-esque eccentrics traded in favor of tectonic heaviness. As the four-part suite arrives at its second movement, Amon Düül clears a path for denim-clad stoner rockers to follow for the next half century.

Rubinho E Mauro Assumpção :: Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei

In line with the late records of Jovem Guarda, such as Erasmo Carlos’ 1970-1972 trilogy of later-revered proto-indie, as well as with Os Mutantes’ flavorful Brazilian psychedelia, Rubinho & Mauro Assumpção’s only ever release wanders through daring and often humorous experimentations. With bare instrumentation and lo-fi timbres blowing against the grain of the recording, it soon came to be a coveted rarity among collectors. Mr. Bongo’s recent reissue offers a great chance to reexamine this piece of soft-noise MPB.

Bandcamping :: Winter 2023

First Nation free jazz, drum machine folk, Beefheart-ian scrawls and more. Plenty of killer sounds to get you through the dark days of winter, ranging from vintage Motor City jazz to Iranian tanbur improvs. And don’t forget, the next Bandcamp Friday (during which the platform waives its usual fees) hits on Feb. 3 …

The Drin :: Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom

On Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom, Cincinnati’s The Drin, from Cincinnati sheathes unyielding staccato rhythms in the undulating ooze of dub. Stark drum beats push electro-shocked funk/soul vamps into denatured, machine-like fury, while guitars scream and basses rumble and one Dylan McCartney chants blankly about worms and dooms and poisons.

Sole Inspiration :: Life

A ripping slice of late 60’s psychedelic Texas soul, Sole Inspiration’s “Life” is a Saturday night jam for Sunday morning sorrows. Recently dug up by Numero Group, the track bursts out the gate with a righteous organ that bellows across the holy blood cries of front man & songwriter Juan Gonzalez’s existential despair.

Transmissions :: James Yorkston and Nina Persson

Nina Persson of The Cardigans and James Yorkston join host Jason P. Woodbury on Transmissions to discuss The Great White Sea Eagle, their low key and homey collection of folk rock, we explore a bevy of interesting topics, run-ins with members of Black Sabbath, Tom Jones, an ill-fated tour with John Martyn, and much more.