First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 3

For much of Japan’s youth, the five nationally televised Beatles concerts of 1966 were transformational. Japanese academic Toshinobu Fukuya stated that the Beatles embodied a new identity for the country’s youth. Their presence had signaled that “one did not always have to obediently follow arrangements prescribed by adults; it was possible to follow one’s own path and still be socially and financially successful in life”

In this vein, we open this third installment of First & Last with a track from 1974 by 田中寛 (Hiroshi Tanaka) & 不破洋一 (Yoichi Fuwa), who in their liner notes written by a friend, dub the band as the “Late-Arriving Heirs of the Beatles.”

First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 2

Welcome to the second installment of First & Last, a series of mixes providing a glimpse into the world of Japanese private press, or 自主盤, pronounced “jishuban”, which loosely translates to “independent board.” This second entry picks up where volume one left off, including a live recording from a concert compilation (track one), and music from the incredibly rare First Album, by Elf, of which only fifteen copies were manufactured.

First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 1

Welcome to the opening installment of First & Last, a series of mixes providing a glimpse into the world of Japanese private press, or 自主盤, pronounced “jishuban”, which loosely translates to “independent board.”

This first mix, a menagerie of songs from across the spectrum of Japanese private press, serves as an introduction to subsequent mixes. Tanoshī.

AD Presents: Off-Piste | A Mixtape

From the confines of a snowed in cabin, Aquarium Drunkard presents Off-Piste, a 90 minute TDK mixtape. Expect a taut embrace of ice cold synths, nascent drum machines, reverb, echo, ornithology infused Danish funk, and two tracks referencing penguins. Duck the rope.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Castle Dogs | A Mixtape

Castle Dogs is a sixty minute slow boil of post-punk and new/no-wave, mixed live from Uncle Tio’s collection and dubbed to tape exclusively for Aquarium Drunkard. Each tape features exclusive artwork and an instant photo of the tracklist. Play at full volume.

We are giving away six copies of the cassette via the AD instagram…head over there to land one. Actual dogs not included.

Christmas Jambree :: A Vintage Jamaican Yuletide Mixtape, Vol. 2

In 2017 Aquarium Drunkard brought you Christmas Jambree: A Vintage Jamaican Yuletide Mixtape. At 28 tracks it’s an extensive collection of Jamaican reggae and ska Christmas tunes. If you’ve never heard it, do slide over there right now, but if you’re already converted, and looking for a bit more in that vein, the following companion has you covered. Dig in, dig deep, and happy holidays.

Autumn Hymnal :: A Mixtape

Autumn Hymnal: 23 tracks of jazz, folk and ambient suited to navigate these changes–from the celebratory catharsis of Tim Buckley, to the mournful acceptance of Anne Briggs, to the haunting beauty of Jessica Pratt. Put on your favorite sweater, pour something warm and enjoy the ride.

Improvisational Sphere :: A Roy Brooks Mixtape

The following mix is a tribute to the brilliant–sometimes misunderstood–artist, featuring a selection of albums under Brooks’ own name, as well as crucial collaborations. It ends with a blistering version of Woody Shaw’s composition, “Zoltan,” taken from the exceptional new collection, Understanding.

Monster Rally :: Volume III (A Mixtape)

Imminent summer approaches as we check in with with Monster Rally, whose “Imaginary Palms” drops later this week — a balmy dreamscape framed by harps, water, live drums, air and maracas.

This, our third mix collaboration [following Volume I (2012), and Volume II (2013)], finds Monster Rally’s Ted Feighan pulling from an appropriately humid crate. Press play, get lifted.

Natura Morta (A Sven Wunder Mixtape)

Snapping at the heels of last year’s Eastern Flowers and Wabi Sabi lps, prolific polymath Sven Wunder returns this June with his third full-lengh, Natura Morta. In anticipation, Wunder recorded the following vinyl mix for AD, via his home studio in Sweden, leaning into aesthetic influences and inspiration.