Anatolian Psych Out: Volume One

As Western rock music dominated the global airwaves of the 1960s, perhaps no region adapted this music into such a rich and swirling stew as did Turkey. Mixing the heavy riffs of Zeppelin and the Stones with traditional Anatolian folk melodies and instrumentation, the Turkish psych rock of the golden era (1960s-80s) surely represents some of the most gloriously untethered interpretations of the classic rock canon.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Tele Music Mix Volume 1

Back in the deep, bleak, pandemic dog days, Be With Records struck a deal with the legendary Parisian library music catalog, Tele Music to reissue the very best, most sought-after LPs in the catalog. With much of this music now commercially available for the first time, the series of albums recently reissued presents an expansive grip of heavy funk, drama-jazz, deep disco, synth-wave, psych-rock, cosmic soul and beyond.

Abstract Truths: An Evolving Jazz Compendium – Volume 9

Sparked by a recent re-obsession with Miles Davis’ On The Corner sessions, Abstract Truths returns with a grip of records that have been hovering around the LA hq these past few months. Electric fusion, Turiyasangitananda jams, hard bop, jazz funk, spiritual. Myriad modalities abound…all rooted by an earthy funkiness. File under: soul music.

Groove Orient: South Asian Elements in Psychedelic Jazz

Jazz’s engagement with South Asian musical ideas and instruments in the 1960s and 70s didn’t just make ‘spiritual’ or ‘world’ jazz. Out of the extraordinary variety of jazz experiments with Indian musical traditions came all kinds of funky, soulful, groovy, exploratory and just plain far out sounds. We collected some of our favorites. 

Saturnalia: Deep Jazz for Long Nights, 1969-1980

The days are growing shorter and the holidays are upon us. In the interest of making everyone’s lives slightly easier this season, we returned to the golden era of electric jazz and put together a long compilation of cocktail funk and rare groovers to spin for a house full of family and friends. Press play and let it spin. One less thing to worry about.

Every Angel’s Terrifying: Explorations in German Jazz-Rock, 1970-1980

… reverberating flutes, amplified saxophones, liquid Fender Rhodes keyboards The guitars are jazzy and lysergic in turn, sometimes in the very same track. At times, the drums sit right in the pocket; moments later, they are thundering out for the old gods. It was not so much a fusion of jazz and rock as a continuum where these forms could mutate one into another and back again. All of this music is compelling; some of it is sublime. This darker corner of the krautrock era of the 1970s deserves a good deal more light.

Bill Laswell Research Institute: Vol I & II

The Bill Laswell Research Institute was coined by a group of like-minded record heads based in Philadelphia. Time and time again, someone in the crew would bring something mind blowing to a listening session and Bill Laswell’s name would pop up in the credits. It’s truly astonishing how Laswell collided with vastly divergent musicians and genres while somehow still representing complementary musical spheres.

While pulling together tracks to compile a mix that we felt would best represent Bill’s work, we realized it was going to take multiple volumes due to the sheer magnitude of his output. As such, we decided to compile the mixes based on two 15 year blocks.

Absolute Sons of Bitches: Global Fusion Grooves, 1970-1977

In the smoking aftermath of Miles Davis’s landmark Bitches Brew, musicians across the planet tried to come to grips with its dense, freaky, electric grooves. Aquarium Drunkard scoured the globe to bring you five hours of seismic seventies funk and fusion from far and near. The weather’s changing. Nights are growing longer. And this is the way we all keep our heads right.