Frozen Fingers :: An American Primitive Holiday Meditation

Fingerpickers can’t seem to resist uncovering (or just plain inventing) the folk-blues roots of these timeworn melodies. Whatever the motivation, it’s always nice to have an alternative to the treacly seasonal music that is inescapable this time of year. Frozen Fingers is playlist of (mostly) acoustic wintry music that’ll put a little wonder into the most wonderful time of the year…

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Ararat Valley Jazz Orchestra – A Mixtape

Jazz-funk and big band rarities from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia from the 1970s and 1980s; tracks recorded in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia and Moscow, USSR. Armenia has been without the symbolic mountains of Ararat and Sis since the latter stages of the Armenian Genocide and during the inception of the Armenian SSR … think of these records as “the sound of Armenia on the other side of Ararat.”

Avant-Garde Got Soul Too :: An Observations of Deviance Mixtape

~spiritual jazz, free improvisation, experimental electronics, ethnographic oddities, and world-wide psychedelic funk~

And now something far out. Avant-Garde Got Soul Too is a mixtape by David Mittleman, host of Tucson’s KXCI independent radio’s Observations of Deviance, a weekly “all vinyl, free form program that harkens back to early days of underground FM radio.”

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Gospel Jubilee Vol. 3 — A Mixtape

Another soul-cleansing vinyl set from the folks that bring you the Gospel Jubilee every Sunday on Nashville’s Acme Radio. This volume features youth choirs, radio ensembles, organ maestros, local, regional and national stars…plus in-the-red vocals, a flute solo (!), heavenly harmonies, faint-inducing falsetto, sanctifying grooves and some of the best drum sounds you will ever hear. Selected from records rare and everywhere. Because the price tag shouldn’t be the thing that moves you.

Unearthed, Vol. 7 :: Rocky Mountain Time

Welcome to the seventh installment of Unearthed, a series of thematic mixes that travel deep into dusty vintage zones to dig up bootleg gold.

For the latest Unearthed, we’ve gathered together a totally eclectic sampling of Mile High sounds, ranging from lowdown blues crawls to futuristic synth-pop, from blazing funk-rock to jangly Britfolk.

Line Out – A Long-Form Experiment

Line Out, a one hour piece featuring twenty recordings from psychedelic and avant-garde mainstays like Can and Faust, lesser known practitioners such as Agitation Free and Novalis, and contemporary experimenters including Dungen, Beak >, and Califone, amongst others. The end result is a sometimes mesmerizing, sometime amusing, and wholly psychedelic experiment. Tune In. Turn On. Line Out.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Sassounian Sunset / A Mixtape

Global entry, the following is a summer heater. Darone Sassounian recently wrapped a four year quest digging for 70s & 80s Armenian and Middle Eastern rarities. Based in Los Angeles, himself of Armenian descent, the DJ and record collector traveled through Lebanon and Europe, unearthing a cache of tracks by a handful of local producers and Armenian musicians.

Heat Wave (Volume 3) – A 7″ Mixtape

Several years back, Los Angeles collector and dj Daniel T told us about a regular series he was starting with fellow head, Wyatt Potts. It became Heat Wave — a weekly dj night in east Hollywood focusing on (often rare) slices of international funk, soul, disco and beyond. It’s grown (a lot) and is now a second home to a global coterie of visiting DJs from the likes of S. America, Europe and Asia. But this week is different. It’s just the resident founders and they’re only spinning from their 7″ collection.

Altered State Radio / April Transmission

Portland selector Mr. Wriff paid a visit to AD HQ last weekend, a visit that dovetailed with the weekly broadcast of his Friday night KMHD radio show, Altered State. We tuned in, and now you can too.

Click the play button as Traver and guest Allen Thayer (The Brazilian Beat), guide a late-night, spirituous journey sampling strains from Brazil, Italy, Poland and beyond.

Unearthed, Vol. 5 :: Hoboken Nights

For fans of adventurous rock and roll in the 1980s, there was no better place to be than Maxwell’s. The Hoboken, NJ club (which closed its doors for good in 2013) consistently hosted the best and brightest artists of the era, often before they graduated to much larger venues. For our latest Unearthed bootleg mix, we’ve gathered together some choice audience tapes recorded at Maxwell’s between 1980 and 1990. There’s visionary jangle, guitar freakouts, breezy balladry and much more. And if this whets your appetite for more, get thee to the McKenzie Tapes site (where several of these performances were sourced), which is bringing NYC-area taper David McKenzie’s valuable vintage recordings to the digital age.