Thanks to a super-fine tip, I have been knee deep in this blog post, over at Versions Galore, comprised of 100+ covers of Allen Toussaint’s “Get Out Of My Life, Woman.” Whereas the name Jimmy Smith, and his backroom organ undertaking of the tune, may not be foreign to many of you, the Memphis, TN r&b of the Mad Lads very likely is.  Slather it on good—and be sure to peruse the page for some gems.

MP3: The Mad Lads :: Get Out Of My Life, Woman
MP3: Jimmy Smith :: Get Out Of My Life, Woman

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3 Responses to “Get Out Of My Life, Woman :: Re-Revisited”

  1. Wonderful! and timely too.

  2. This is where it’s at.

  3. The guy at Versions has put another big funky cover version post of The Meter’s Sissy Strut. Not as many as the Toussaint post but somewhat as nice

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